Opinions...on a Burgundy Suede Ayse

  1. What do you guys think about this bag and color. Is it roomy? Does anyone one have modeling pics? What collection is this from S/S 2007 or F/W?

    I appreciate any input regarding the style and color of this particular handbag.

  2. Any opinions???
  3. I like the color, but if having a bag stand up on it's own, is important, you should see it first IRL. When Choo introduced these framed styles in A/W 07 (Ayse, Arad, Alex) I went ga-ga for them. But the metal frame isn't for me. Perhaps some gals who have them and love them will post their opinions.
  4. I have the Arad and I love the size! It is not a deep bag so it looks so elegant when worn on the shoulder. I also like the chain strap and the metal along the sides gives it a really classy look!

  5. Thanks for your opinion...I have a chance to get one @ a great deal.
  6. I'm with Jburgh on this one. When the suede Alex first came out I wanted that bag with every fiber of my being. And then I got it...and then I returned it. :p

    Maybe it's different with the other frame styles (the Alex is somewhat large), but the frame is not for me. And on the Navy Alex it was VERY gold! It's just a lot of hardware on a bag when you put that thick frame/leather piece around it.
  7. Oh Stinker - tell me more. I've been eyeing an Alex! :oh: Is it difficult to carry with the frame?? How much smaller do you estimate the Alex is from the XL Ramona?? Anyone familiar too is welcome to pitch in! :wondering

    Bella, don't you have a Black Suede Alex?:yes:
  8. Yes I think the Alex does have alot of gold hardware.......but the ayse doesn't seem to have as much as the Alex. IMO

    That is why I was eyeing the Ayse
  9. I'm fairly new to the forum. Is the Ayse the hobo style?
  10. Yes, I would say it is a hobo slouch style bag. I think the meatl frame keeps it from looking too slouchy, tho.
  11. Abi, I saw the Alex in leather and it is about the size of the regular Ramona I would say. It is actually a nice looking bag.
  12. I have the Ayse in navy suede. I got it about 1 month ago. I really like it. It is cute and slouchy. The suede is holding up well considering I have not treated it. I am pretty sure it is F/W. I have used it every day since I got it...except when it rains. It is very roomy. I saw the burgundy at the JC boutique and I thought it was very pretty.

    Honestly, I really like it and I love Jimmy Choo (esp shoes!). I usually carry Chanel handbags and I miss my Chanels.

    I got mine from Scoop in Las Vegas for a great price so I could not pass it up! I paid about $600 (no tax).
  13. Wow what a great price. Congrats!!!:tup:
  14. Hi Abi!

    I only had the Alex for a day, so I'm sure Bella would be the one to give a better opinion of the bag. :tup:

    On the Alex, I found the frame to be just a lot of hardware. And there are a lot of straps and they're very stiff, but I'm sure that once they break-in it becomes easier to carry.

    I never quite figured out how to make the straps longer, but I believe Bella bought her bag from a boutique and her SA showed her how to lengthen the straps to make them longer. And finally, and this is just my opinion, but I had the bag in Navy and I think I would have liked it a lot more in black. I just think it would have gone better with the hardware, or maybe because I looove black suede so much, but yeah, the Navy didn't do it for me. :shrugs:
  15. I am jealous!!! But Good for you KDB!!:yes: That's a great deal!!!