Opinions on 28 versus 32 kelly

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  1. Can a 28 souple kelly work as an everyday purse? I've gotten a lot of advice that it's too dainty, is just for evenings, etc. But I think the 32 would look and feel too cumbersome on me. (I do think that bigger bags look extremely chic, but I am more interested in getting the size that suits my needs)
    I only need to carry my wallet, cell phone, keys, thin cosmetics pouch, small coin purse and sunglasses on sunny days.
    I will try to post pictures later today if I can (having computer problems) of the 2 sizes, as well as the contents of my bag. But anyone with either size bag - if you could share your experience. :amuse:
  2. I don't think a 28 would for me, fit my daily needs including sunglasses (but I don't have one)...maybe in souple though....I just don't like having things crammed in and I always need to add a few other items (compact, wallet, small hairbrush, etc.) Hopefully someone else can help you!
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  3. but this was helpful shoes. :amuse: of course, i'm hoping someone has a different experience with this size. :P
    my contents don't change (no brush - wallet is on my list already though). i'm in nyc, so there is a lot of walking, cafe-dining - the purse wouldn't be riding shotgun in the car, etc.
  4. Hello HiHeels, hmmm, it depends on how large your wallet is. How tall are you? I am 5'1" and find that a Kelly 32 souple doesn't look large on me at all; in fact, I think it's fine for casual or even dressy evenings. Have you compared a 28 and 32 in person? That may be your best bet to determine which you prefer. Good luck!
  5. I find the 28 a tad too small for me for everyday and am hunting for a 32. Again, as Lucy said, it depends on the size of your wallet and whether you like to carry a small water bottle or something like an agenda around.
  6. HiHeels! Glad to see you here too.

    My 32 rigid fits my wallet, make-up holder, umbrella, agenda, pen, cellphone, keys and some more space. But my things are very compact and not bulky. I actually am craving also for a 28cm and I'm pretty sure that my things will fit.

    I think based on what you described as your things, a 28 souple should be ok ... but you might get more use of a 32.
  7. My Kelly is a 28 and it was extremely fine for my daily carrying when I was in the business world. I used it everday. I carried a smaller wallet (like a french purse), credit card holder, mints, some makeup, keys, tissues(small pack), cell phone, and sunglasses. I was organized and my purse never junky, but it all fit quite nicely. I even stuck small papers in there etc. I never felt like I needed a bigger bag. I sometimes feel the larger bag you carry the more you may stuff in there. I also kept one of those rain ponchos in there (cheap throw away ones). It was also nice because mine worked nicely into the evening. I am petite and also only 5'1"-2". It seemed to look nice with my size. I do think you can go larger, but if you don't feel you need to than don't. It does become a preference issue, but you can make it work with a 28.

    Later in life you may want a larger bag as I do now (a birkin or larger Kelly) because I have three toddlers and more things. My Kelly is more my go out bag now. It is a great Kelly and you won't regret it.

    When I am unsure I look to my bags and measure them and try to compare those with the sizes of the Kellys for a visual...that may help. Also, if most of your bags you own are more toward the 28 size that may tell you something or if more to the 32 then that should tell you as well. 32 is much larger...maybe you don't need the space.

    I say look like a polished lady! If the smaller works for you...go for it! You will look petite, polished and gorgeous!!!!
  8. The only kelly I have is a 32 rigid. I love it, sizewise it's perfect. I looked at a 28 and I think it's a tad too small for everyday. I dont think I can go smaller than a 30cm in birkins and kellys. I'm 5"1 as well, and when i bought the kelly, I wasnt looking for an evening bag. I was looking for an everyday bag.

    What junks i usually carry in my kelly: wallet (french purse), cles, sunglasses, glasses, nokia 9500 communicator (it's huge!), bills thrown here and there, iPod nano, iPod video, iPod charger, etc..
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  9. This is so great.
    Okay, I'm 5'5" exactly and I have one child. :biggrin:
    But I know that my days of toting extra stuff for her are numbered (even if it's 5 more years, the bag will outlast this), so I, maybe foolishly, want to consider the bag just in terms of my needs (that is a very decadent thing for a mom to do :amuse: ).
    Greentea, I have never been a tote-person, both in terms of style and mentality. I try to carry the minimal amount of stuff, but at the same time, I am often in denial and having to hold the extras like a bottle of water. But I know myself and I'm okay doing that - eventually I finish the water and toss it, you know.

    kellybag, 3, you have 3 children? I am so impressed!!! That is a major job!

    Lucyndskywdmnds, I made a mock up of a 28 kelly, based on the measurements (but without the depth, because I'm just not that talented at making models :shame: ) and I still can't quite tell.

    While I like to be tidy in my purse, I also don't want to carry a diminutive bag. It would be an all-day, every day bag, and I don't want it to be out of proportion with me (I'm 115 pounds, but that is just a number - I mean that looks different on different bodies/shapes/etc.), but at the same time, I don't want to carry more bag than I can use (I don't want to feel like I have to carry more stuff just to fill up the bag - I think kellybag made that point). Oh me.

    Hi La Vanguardia!
  10. HiHeels, based on your height (wish I could be that tall!) and weight, a Kelly 32 souple would be lovely on you! If it's fine for my 5'1" frame, it will look even better on you. Honestly, I think that with what you carry, you might find that it can get kind of cramped inside a 28. You won't have to fumble for things inside a 32. I have a friend who's also 5'5" and my Kelly 28 looked a bit diminutive on her (carried as an everyday bag). Since you say you prefer larger bags, I would go for a 32 souple. Hope I didn't make your decision more difficult!
  11. Hmm. Heels I'd still recommend the 32 for an everyday bag. I don't think it's too big at all because it tapers at the top a bit. Besides La Van's gorgeous pic, there is another one with Shoes and the Blue Roi ostrich Kelly 32 rigide for you to see.
  12. Gosh, all this Kelly talk is making me get the itch!!!
  13. That was a wonderful picture of shoes319! HiHeels, not sure if you've compared a 32 souple to a rigide but there's quite a difference. IMO, I think a 32 rigide is considerably larger than a 32 souple. Greentea is right about the way a Kelly tapers at the top. A Plume 32 compared to a Kelly 32 looks much larger!

    ETA: BTW, I mentioned the difference b/w a 32 souple and rigide because the Bleu Roi Ostrich Kelly 32 that shoes319 has is a rigide.
  14. I think if you're only going to have one Kelly, it should be a 32. It goes from day into evening just fine, and the added room will come in handy if you bring it on a trip with you.

    Conversely, I love the looks of a formal black box rigide 25/28 for evening and formal/conservative occassions.
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