opinions? (omega aqua terra)

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  1. Hi everyone! I've been lurking on here for 3 months or so. My current crave is a decent watch for everyday casual wear.

    I have been looking at the mid-size datejust (oyster/smooth) but I don't know how comfortable I would feel wearing the "rolex" name (I'm a very low-key, understated girl). I don't particularly like the stick markers on the Rolex (prefer the roman numerals) but I love the markers on this Omega and the fact that they are illuminated & easy to read is a plus for me.

    Here are my basic requirements for an everyday watch: well-constructed, waterproof, easy to read in low light, and (of course) cute. I also prefer automatic (not quartz) watches.

    I'd love your opinions on this model!


  2. I really like that watch! I got an Omega Constellation for my 21st in gold and stainless with a diamond bezel, at the time I wanted a Cartier Tank Francaise but my grandmother who bought it for me didn't think Cartier was a proper make and didn't want to buy me one. She would have bought me a Rolex datejust but at the time I didn't like it. I regretted not having the Rolex for years. The Omega is a good watch and I wore it for 4 years until my husband bought me a gold and stainless Tank for Christmas this year.

    Basically I think that Omega are good watches but they will never have the desireability of Cartier or Rolex. The Constellation I have has only gone up by about £200 in 4 years whereas my Cartier has gone up by about £1000. Out of all the Omega's the one you like is my favourite as it has a Rolex look to it, however it is far more expensive than most of the other Omega's and if it was me I would go for the Rolex or Cartier.;)