Opinions of which Bbag would be most suitable...

  1. Hi all Balenciaga girls !!

    I'm thinking about getting my very first Bbag and I want opinions on which I should get. I need it to be able to carry a substantial amount of stuff (for uni and work) so I need one of the larger styles and I'm definitely going to be getting it in black.

    At the moment it's a toss up between:
    - the rtt
    - the work
    - the giant city
    - the weekender

    Opinions on which would be most suitable and the best place to purchase either online or via phone order as I'm in Australia (authentic guaranteed) would be super helpful !!! :heart:

    Thanks so much :flowers:
  2. I think the Work is the best size for carrying lots of stuff :yes:

    Good luck :flowers:
  3. I have no idea where to find a bal in Australia.... but I'd suggest a Work for the description given.... but the City is the one with the shoulder strap...

    GL finding your first ever bbag! It's an :devil: addiction! lol~
  4. Work, but if you prefer carrying your bags with a strap, the courier or day might be a better choice.

    The only aussie retailer listed here is Cult Status in Perth.

    Other authentic retailers includes Miss Louise in Melbourne, and Cosmopolitan Shoes in Sydney. There might be a boutique in Queensland selling bbags, but for the life of me I can't remember the name.

    ETA: Forgot to mention that it'll most likely be cheaper to get bbags direct from Bal Paris or NY, others have purchased from aloha rag or diabro with great success. If you purchase from Bal direct, bear in mind that they will not declare a lower value for customs, so you will have to pay GST + import tax on your purchase. To get an idea of how much the taxes will cost, a giant city will set you back about AUD$290 in taxes paid to the broker.
  5. I live in Australia and a Work size was great when I was studying. I also used it as a nappy bag!!!

    If you purchase from an Australian boutique, I would only recommend Cult Status in Perth or Jean Browns in Brisbane. However, they are very expensive and over the RRP in the US.

    I could also recommend Aloha Rag in Hawaii. www.aloharag.com they have free WW shipping and are exceptional to work with. I ordered one from them just before Christmas, during their busiest time and I received it in 4 days. They also have a rewards program.

    Another good online seller is www.diabro.net some bags are a little over retail.

    Or check out eBay seller "ECLuxe" she sells authentic bags and is highly recommended.
  6. The work would be a good size, but if you're looking for a bag with a shoulder strap the work doesn't have one. If you're going to be using it for Uni, you might want that shoulder strap!

    The Weekender also does not have a shoulder strap and is bigger than the work.

    If you don't care about that shoulder strap though, I'd say the work or weekender. You should check out the club house at the pictures.

    The giant city is the same size as the normal city, but with giant hardware and no tassels. The city isn't all that big, so if you're looking to fit books into it, I don't recommend a city.

    There is also the Part-Time, which has a strap and is a little bigger than the city, and it has a simular shape.....
  7. Well, I think everyone else already said it well, but I would suggest the work as well, just keep in mind (as has already been stated) that it doesn't come with the shoulder strap.

    The city comes w/the strap, but may be too small for your needs. I also wouldn't suggest the giant city because the giant hardware really increases the weight of the bag, and if you're already going to be carrying a lot, that weight might not be welcome. Then again, if you love the look of the giant hardware, go for it!

    Neptune's suggestion of the part-time is a good one too. And have you considered the courier? It's a very large bag, but can be worn messenger style.
  8. Thanks so much for all the marvelous advice !!! :flowers:

    Because the work does not have a shoulder strap does that mean the handels will not fit on my shoulder, i.e. I'd have to carry it in my hand all the time ???

    Just checking Diabro is authentic correct ????

    How come some of the work bags in the style thread have a long piece of leather hanging of the outside zip pocket and others have the little tear drop tag/tab ???
  9. Hi Eveanna! Good to see another aussie on here! The Work handles should be able to fit on most shoulders. I wld definitely not recommend a giant city because the hardware is already quite heavy without putting anything in the bag.
    Diabro is authentic.
    The regular hardware (RH) bags have tassels but the GH (giant hardware) bags have the little zippulls instead of tassels.
    Enjoy surfing through the forum for more info/pics! The reference section is really good.
  10. Thanks heaps jo_ee !!! :heart:
  11. I also recommend the work it seems to be the best option. I have a black work with RH and I can pretty easily carry it over my shoulder it's not that comfortable but absolutely managable.
  12. Depending on how big your upper arm is, then the work handles should fit on your shoulder. Girls with bigger upper arms might not be able to fit it comfortably.

    As for Diabro, both my bbags, my city and twiggy, came from Diabro and they are authentic and wonderful!! They had very fast shipping to the US, so I'm guessing even faster to your side of the pond.

    As for the hardware, the bags with the long piece of leather (tassels) is called the regular hardware or RH. They would be lighter than the bags with the tear drop tag and giant hardware, or GH.
  13. Work :yes:

    I have a First and 3 Cities, I'm an art student so I dont have many books and even I dont think the City is big enough for school. I usually have to carry my notepads by hand as they generally wont fit in the bag.
  14. Thanks again.

    Diabro doesn't seem to have many bags on their site at the moment, how often do they update stock ???? Thanks :heart:
  15. I use my weekender as a tote. It's a men's and the handles very comfortably fit over my shoulders, even with my winter coats (except my puffy down jacket). I think the new weekenders will have longer handles too, like the men's.