Opinions of the New Tribal Spybag?

  1. Ok..so here it is, the larger version of the one that came out a few months ago. The reviews weren't so good the first time (yes, definitely looks edible) but what about this one? And while on the topic of Spys, I still have feelings for the navy blue one still available on Eluxury. But how long will this trend go on?:confused1:
  2. Kneehi - The Fendi Spy is here to stay IMO...sort of like the LV speedy or Chanel Flap Bag...Classic

    Not sure about the tribal, would want to see it IRL...some say the handles are a bit busy with all the leather colors. The Blueberry spy would be a good shoice - its on my "to buy" list.:tup:
  3. I'm really not a fan of this bag. I prefer my spies simple (not that I have many). As baglady said and I agree this one is a tad too busy for my taste.
  4. Thanks for the help! It just looked kinda yummy so my brain was confused, but I have to remember its a BAG. I do like the blue, can't believe it's been on there for so long. So *eep* I guess its the blue then!:drool:
  5. The blueberry is beautiful. Fendifan got one, do a search and you'll see the pics. It is so beautiful.
  6. I saw the tribal at the weekend in real life in London. My impressions were that the colours are beautiful together, like a concoction of your fave chocolates in a box lol. But I didnt like the multicoloured braiding on the handle and spy compartment, as it just wasnt needed imo, a plain colour would have been much nicer :smile:
  7. I really like this bag. I'm planning to get it. Because of all the neutral colors in it, I think it will be really wear-able. But I think it also depends on the colors in your wardrobe... I tend to wear dark colors and neutrals (I'm not a bright color person at all!) so maybe that's why this appeals to me so much.

    I've noticed I tend to like the less popular spies for some reason. :p
  8. I am really not sure about this one. I wish Fendi had just bought out a completely new colour. With this bag its like they had leather over so decided to make a bag using all the leather from past seasons.
  9. [​IMG] It's got cute squirrels on it! I tried on the older denim at Saks a couple of days ago and its pretty to look at but looked stupid on my arm/shoulder..the fabric didn't fall well and looked bulky. Being denim, this one would probably do the same, but your thoughts? :tup::tdown:
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  11. You know what, I kind of like it too *shrugs*. I've only seen the baby in a store though so don't know what it looks like.
  12. My opinion is that this baby is a beauty, if I actually had the money, I'll def buy this one.
  13. I saw it irl! The Bergdorf's in NYC had a sample bag... it's so pretty! :heart: It's really unique looking.The leather is super soft and the colors just work together really nicely. I think it's a beauty and the perfect fall bag.

    I have one reserved at another store, and it should be in next month. But even though I love it in real life, I'm not sure what to do because I just ordered the dark brown zucca/nappa bag because I fell in love with that one too (and got it for a steal), and I feel like these two bags might be too similar. What do you think?
  14. Nah they're not. In my opinion they are both very different. If both of them had the zucca on it they would be too similar. Plus if you got the zucca/nappa at a steal, make sure you get it! It is a lovely bag.
  15. I love that tribal spy, it looks like something chocolaty you can eat - and we all love chocolate! I'd swap my black one for this beauty any time