Opinions of the Malena!

  1. Just purchased, and am waiting on delivery of the JC Ring bag in Black with Watersnake trim. Happened upon the Malena bags and really liked them. Was wondering if any of you own one, and/or have opinions on them good or bad. I don't really like anything too busy, so I would probably stick with the black if I decided to get it, rather than the 2 toned colors. This one is in the medium size from Footcandy....

  2. its a gorgeous bag!
    I've seen it in person and its stunning.
    I think it comes in two sizes and the travel size is quite large and the regular size is perfect as a daily bag.
  3. Haven't seen irl, but the photo looks amazing!
  4. I saw this bag at Nordies last week and it is so much prettier IRL. I was surprised how much I liked it, cause at first I thought it looked like an old lady bag. I do like the mahala/maddy style better, tho.
  5. I am DYING for a Malena in Cognac. It's near the top of my very long wishlist.

    This satchel style is my absolute favorite shape for handbags--so ladylike--and I am NOT an old lady, lol.

  6. I have one and love it, although it's still sitting in my closet unused. I justified buying it thinking it's for fall, so I'm waiting a bit. I don't think any of the photos do it justice, especially of the black, it's beautiful IRL. I wasn't even shopping for a purse when I got it, I just saw it and loved it. I really love the cognac too, but I tend to buy browns and was in need of a black purse. (I bought mine at Footcandy, too)
  7. Beautiful bag, it is much prettier in person, I saw one a few weeks ago, and I agree that the pictures don't do it justice.
  8. ITA:tup:
    I saw it at Nordies a few weeks ago and loved the Cognac. I am not typically a brow bag person, but the color was :drool:
  9. [​IMG]

    This photo does not do that bag any justice. It is gorgeous IRL and I agree with Cosmo, it is the classic shape handbag. Always flattering and the signature Choo details bring it up-to-date a bit.
  10. Equalizer - I have the bag in your picture. :yahoo: It is wonderful. I am not a small woman and it fits right over my shoulder. BTW - mine is the smaller of the two sizes and I would not go any larger. It is a wonderful bag and the combo of black with gunmetal looks elegant. The only negative is that it should really have some feet on the bottom. I did spray my bag with Apple Garde for protection.