Opinions of the Antigua?

  1. So I was at the Louis Vuitton store today at Bal Harbor and I really am starting to like the Antigua. Any opinions.. what color would be the best..
    I need advice.. I do not want to get the wrong colour.
  2. I love the Antigua!! A TPF member named Twinkle.Tink has THE MOST GORGEOUS collection of antiguas!!!
  3. I have the brown antigua MM with the green straps.

    I love this bag! I use it for work everyday... it sits so comfortably on my shoulder & can carry a lot of stuff without feeling extremely heavy.

    Highly recommended!
  4. ^OMG 4everLV I just read your ticker!! Early congrats to you!!!!
  5. ha ha, thanks!!!

    it's still just suspected though... but I think chances are high... it's a significant day...
  6. I think the one Cameron Diaz is so refreshing...the white with navy straps!
  7. ^ Very cool!! Don't tell my fiancee this, but I kinda suspected the day that he was going to propose, too!! And I was right:smile:

    LOL thank goodness cuz I told alot of my friends my suspicions!!

    He proposed to me on the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego...we were having brunch there and he asked me to "go for a walk" in the middle of the meal:smile:

    LOL sorry back on topic!!
  8. i like the line cuz i think its so simple and cute! i like the hot pink?
  9. I have the blue cabas MM and love it. It is one of my favorites. :smile: I like the pink as well though!
  10. if i had the money to spare, i would definitely get the antigua! i love how subtle it is. i think blue or pink is nice!
  11. I have the one big on in white colour with brown straps but now I actually think the best colour to get is red or purple, it depends on your wardrobe of course. I think it's a very stylish durable bag, goes with anything but white is kinda hell because it needs to get cleaned a lot!
  12. I have a brown Antiqua Pochette Plate PM and I love it. Although, I think the blue color is very pretty! I think the brown Antigua color would go with more stuff and wouldn't show as much "dirt" as a the blue color.
  13. I have this: (description from elux)

    Louis Vuitton
    Antigua Besace PM $780.00

    Blending the best of classic messenger bags with Louis Vuitton's spirit of elegant holiday style, the Besace is a casually sophisticated city bag. The distinctive satchel shape is punctuated with brightly contrasting straps, a sleek logo nameplate, and polished golden hardware that recalls the vintage Louis Vuitton luggage nails.

    * Antigua canvas with contrasting straps
    * Striped canvas lining matches the color of the exterior straps
    * Fold-over flap with buckle clasps and "Louis Vuitton Inventeur" logo plate
    * Two external pockets under flap
    * Roomy interior with patch pocket
    * Adjustable shoulder strap
    * Polished golden metal hardware
    * Yellow topstitching
    * 13.8" L x 7.8" H x 4.5" W
  14. I have the pink with the red straps. I loooove using that bag for everyday.

    Good luck!! I think you will like whatever you end up buying, it's a sturdy, nice bag
  15. omg i was about to get the besace pm in a louis vuitton cup edition! who knows what thats called? i would really really like one! it was blue with tan straps, i believe...