opinions of paypal?

  1. Hello

    I am starting this thread to help out a fellow PF member who owns a business and was toying with the idea of starting there own merchant account for there business because they have noticed alot of there customers choose to NOT use paypal.

    I offered to start a thread with peoples opinions (postive and negative) with using paypal.

    what do you like about it? what do you dislike? what would you like for them to change? what makes you not want to utilize there services?

    Please post your thoughts and opinions for our pf member and anyone else on here whos considering opening a merchant account for there business because there customers dont like to use paypal.

    thanks in advance.
  2. FIrst and foremost I hate Paypal because they're thieves, I HATE thieves!
    They skim off EVERY payment received even when not paid via CC.

    That said, they're handy, I use them on eBay because most people accept them, also a lot of online retailers accept them too.
  3. I use them with my Jewelry site, though I also accept credit card in my Amazon store and will take payments/checks by mail.

    Their cart program is a very easy set up for websites and it's convienent to ship through their system too. Though I have never had any disputes (knock on wood), that is one of my greatest concerns.
  4. on a previous paypal account i had about $400 dollars removed from my checking account while i was away for about a month

    and it was never resolved so now i'm in chex systems for 7.5 yrs which sucks

    but i think as long yr not leaving a ton of money accessible via paypal its ok
    ie for small purchases and sales
  5. i use it cuz i'm too lazy to search for a good merchant etc thing that's cheaper than paypal.. plus everyone and their momma uses paypal, so why make it difficult on them if they wanna give me money (in exchange for goods! lol)? haha.

    however, i never keep more than $10 in my paypal account (i always transfer it out to my checking or mail check if it's more than $100. just to be safe.)
  6. Paypal is good if you are a buyer. Paypal will always side with the buyer and you have no worries at all.
    HOWEVER, if you are a seller, then thats different.. I use western union most of the time .. especially for high ticket item costs.
  7. Great point! I agree about Western Union or bank transfer for higher ticket items.
  8. I'm definitely not a paypal fan, but if you want to use e-bay it's a necessary evil.

    I haven't had to upgrade my account to a Premier one yet since I've only sold a few items, but my days are probably numbered. I haven't really heard anything about Western Union, but I might give that a try. Thanks for mentioning it Superbaby, I didn't know there were alternatives to Paypal :idea:
  9. They take a big chunk in fees for their freaking service.
  10. Plus:
    Easy to use system. Automated shipping. Buyers like it.

    Paypal will almost always side with the buyer for refunds. if they pay via credit card they can do a chargeback for almost any reason. No seller protections (they say there is, but it's not really set up for the seller).
  11. Sucks coz...
    *As a seller, they ALWAYS blame you -- meaning, if some bastard pay you with a stolen funds/hijack other ppl's Paypal, then Paypal will make it your responsibility, the seller! I freakin' hate this! With all those hefty fees they rob from us, they SHOULD improve their security to lessen these things

    *Fees for payments other than cc. Really, Paypal doesnt get charged a dime for only transferring money b/w accounts, yet, for premier/business users, the 3% applies. Grrrr!! :mad:

    *Customer service = SUCKS BIG TIME! Especially for overseas customers, where email is prolly the cheapest way to communicate. To call them is better, but I just cant pick up the phone and make IDD call to them everytime there's a problem. Oh, and I hate the way their email CANNOT be replied direct from our email.

    *Sucks exchange rate. Non US Paypal users would understand what I'm talking about *waving hi to them*..

    *Easy. Meaning, acceptable almost everywhere in the online world.

    Hmmm, I think that's about it!

    If I'm a seller with HIGH sales volume, I would prolly choose to open a merchant account. I think they offer no chargeback guarantee for sellers for credit card payments. Sure, there are fees associated with this, nothing is free anyway. But think about the peace of mind you'll get in return for not having to worry about those thieving bastards who likes to steal other's ccs.

    In an ideal world, I would prefer wire transfer only or WU :flowers:
  12. I sell on eBay and only use Paypal-yes, they do charge fees to RECEIEVE money-but not to send money. and, yes, their fees might be a bit high-but, hey-they are a business-and businesses are there to make money-no one complains about other businesses charging for their services-Paypal is no different.

    As for them always siding with their buyer-well-about a month ago I sold a D&G handbag and matching shoes to someone in Canada. The buyer filed a Paypal complaint against me the second they received the merchandise (they enver even wrote to me-straight to Paypal!)-they claimed everything in the book. Said the merchandise was fake, said it reeked of smoke, said it was ripped and stained-you name it-they said it! Anyway-after a 3 week investigation-Paypal ruled in MY favor and found the buyer's claim bogus. yes-it was a pain in the ass to wait so long-but, I, the seller, won.

    So-all in all-no gripes with them. And, I too do not leave a lot of money in my Paypal account-I transfer it to my checking account or use my Paypal debit card to withdraw it.