Opinions of Orange Heloise - Should I have done it?!?!

  1. Hi Ladies - I found the orange Heloise for $840 down from $2100 - Chloe makes the best patent & a part of me is so excited but then again I was supposed to be on a ban.....I think it's too good a deal to pass up - does anyone have this particular color of heloise or a patent heloise? let me know your thoughts!


  2. The bag is Beautiful :tup: I absolutely Love Orange.

    The price is excellent too :graucho:

    I'd keep it ~ wish yourself Happy Spring :flowers:

    Just my 2 cents:girlsigh:
  3. I VOTE KEEP IT!!!! I really love that color and your right Chloe does make the best patent bags.
    I have this bag in Red and I love it to pieces!
  4. If you can afford it, I recommend keep it. Although you will get use out of the bag now, I think it will be awesome for the spring/summer!
  5. Totally delectable bag. Keep it and then start saving money! You have to wear it as much as possible to get your money's worth too.
  6. Thank you so much for your help with this!!! I slept on it & feel like it's a keeper! I'll be set for spring & my savings spree begins!! Thank you!!! I'll post pics when she arrives! I wear a lot of black & white and I think I'll reach for it often - Ali do you have pics of your red heloise, I know it's gorgeous!!! :tup:
  7. I can't wait to see your modelling pics....I am thinking getting an anthracite one if one can still be found!
  8. Agree with the 'keep it' mentality...........a great deal on a beautiful bag. Congrats!!
  9. I've just purchased a Chloe Heloise and am really impressed by the quality, leather and colours. This bag looks gorgeous, purse4u and I would reckon it's a keeper. The orange is a fabulous colour and would look great as an autumn bag but also fantastic in summer with beige and sand colours. A great choice!:tup:
  10. So exotic, so cool. Now that's a HOT orange bag. Chloe patent is just sigh worthy.
  11. I:heart::heart::heart: the patent orange Heloise..it's almost edible and what a fantastic price - Congratulations :tup:. The Heloise has really grown on me actually. I wasn't a fan of that or the Elvire when they first emerged, but I've completely reversed my opinion in the last month or so.I've got an Elvire now, but would love a Heloise for my collection. No chance at the moment though as I am totally:banned:right now, but my birthday is at the end of March, so maybe I should start dropping a few heavy hints over the next couple of weeks ;)!
  12. That's an amazing color - great for summer. It makes me feel cheerful just looking at it!
  13. The more I look at it the more I like it!! I think it would be a fun bag to carry:nuts:
  14. I am getting a little something in RED for my birthday too Tag! My DH doesn't know it yet but he'll find out all right. Elvires and Heloises are tres chic!