opinions of multi colour speedy 30

  1. hi all, i need your opinions. a few people have told me its trashy looking and so not classy. some say it looks cute. but would it be an investment bag? would it look good in 10yrs time or is it one of those bags where you would think WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING ,,,,,

    opinions needed ........
  2. Hi OP, sorry not a fan of MC. But if you love it, who cares what others think?

    Good luck.
  3. 8 or so years later and I still lvoe mine! The MC is unique because of the colors, but still shows the classic monogram designs at the same time.
  4. I love MC in small doses such as a Clès or wallet. I don't think it's "trashy", especially considering the price but it's a bit "out there" for my taste. But I'm not the one who has to like it and neither are your friends! If it makes you happy than that's all that really counts.
  5. Agree =)
  6. Not fan of MC speedy either ! Sorry !
  7. for once i actually kinda like it, in small doses... so i think the speedy is the limit for me and SLG's. it can be considered as an investment piece, but my MC speedys are used as home decoration... so they rarely ever leave the front door...
  8. I have the Multicolore Speedy and, although I love it because it was my first LV, it doesn't give me the same 'thrill' as carrying some of my more 'classic' bags. Also, I bought it when it was about £895, and I think it is now about £1450 due to price increases? I don't think I, personally, would say it has been worth that much to me. Just my opinion though. It is still a gorgeous bag and can be rocked with the right outfit. I certainly don't think it is 'trashy'. :smile: Good luck with whatever you decide! X
  9. Multi Speedy is definitely not a 10 years bag, for most people. Multi is fun in accessories and in some smaller bags like the Sologne and Trouville. The bigger it gets, the more dated-starlet it looks to me.
  10. The MC line is not for me, but the MC Speedy is a head turner to me. I love all the details. A woman at my job (50+ years old) has had one for a long time and she looks SO CHIC when she carries it! No matter the opinion of others, you decide if this bag is for you! Not trashy & not classy is a bit harsh - the woman at my job looks very classy with her MC Speedy!
  11. What about your thought? Do you think it is trashy looking? I love my MC speedy and MC zippy wallet, the colors just make me feel bright and happy whenever I carry them. MC speedy is to far from "trashy" looking.
  12. I don't think the MC looks "trashy", but I do think it has a somewhat dated 1980s look about it. But I still love to indulge in 80s music at times, so wear what you like!
  13. I think MCs are great as SLGs and on "younger" owners. I don't think MC handbags look trashy, just youthful...and at a certain age, they don't look appropriate anymore.
  14. I don't think it's "trashy" too. My friend's mom still rocking her MC speedy at the age of 40 and she looks chic and fun!
    But somehow I think not everyone can wear MC, this line picks their owner! I've seen people look so unmatched with their MC, it's the kind of "this is not her bag!" kinda feel. Yet, there're so many people with MC bags make me go "oh my, I want one too!"

    So try it on! It might be your bag ;)
  15. I still love it. with all the colors in it you would be surprised how much it goes with. You do not see that many of them on the online consignment sites for sale which makes me think that many who own them are hanging on to them. no matter what your age you can pull off the MC speedy if you wear it with the right outfit and for the right occasion. I do think that the steady price increase on the new ones is a little crazy though.