Opinions needed!

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  1. I was ready to buy the Palermo gm today until the SA suggested the trevi gm. Now I don't know which to get! I wanted a work bag that could carry files, iPad, etc. But the trevi's got me wavering. :graucho:

    So, tough question, but which would you pick and why? Tia!!
  2. I would buy the Trevi.. I think it's a beautiful bag and it's also very versatile because you can wear it on your shoulder or you can wear it handheld.
    I'm not a big fan of the Palermo but that's my personal opinion, hope this helped. Good luck deciding !
  3. Lots things to consider....

    1. Cost.
    2. Mono or Damier.
    3. Weight.

    I personally would chose the Trevi. It's the most stylish canvas bag LV has made in a long time. Made really well. Hand or shoulder carry. I have the PM.

    Don't buy either until you've loaded up both bags with whatever you intend to regularly carry.

    Also, did you look at the Evora or Verona GM?
  4. Hi,
    I'm not too familiar with LV bags, but I did go to their website and saw the bags that you mentioned. I would not recommend the one with the vachetta handles. I think they would stain easily. As I was going through the different bags, I fell in love with the Galatea PM!


  5. I prefer the Palermo. The Trevi is very heavy, even empty, and carrying all that weight around after a while becomes a pain!!
  6. The Palermo seems like it suits your needs much better, and it's still pretty.
  7. Stick with the Palermo!! The Trevi is heavy, awkward, and although I like the ebene print better than monogram imho the Palermo is still a much better choice. Good luck!
  8. I agree! The Trevi is heavy. Probably the one drawback to me buying it. The palermo is versatile you can use the handles or the straps. It would definitely be more suitable for what you need it for, ie. documents and files.
  9. I would pick Trevi - I just like it better...
  10. I like the Trevi MUCH better. It will always look new in the long run. I don't care for the curl handles on the Palermo!
  11. Palermo! I want this bag also! I tried on the Trevi, and though pretty it was way too heavy empty.
  12. Never was a fan of the Trevi. The Palermo is a great work bag.
  13. Thanks, everyone! I didn't realize the trevi was heavy empty...I also love the ebene but think it'll be the Palermo after all!