Opinions needed!!

  1. I needed a non-designer bag to take to work on a daily basis (there is nowhere safe to leave my usual tote Saleya GM at work) so I bought this:


    Is this a rip-off of any designer bags you know of? The store I bought it from had Prada Gauffre 'inspired' bags (no Prada logos though). I'm so overly sensitive to designer rip-offs now!!!

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Doesn't look like any designer bag I know of. It's very chic looking, I really like it! Congrats on your new non-designer bag!:amuse:
  3. I like it! Functional and cute. :yes:
  4. if it works- keep it and use it well!
  5. That's nice!
  6. I would keep it, it looks nice.