opinions needed!

  1. ok so i recently visited bg after a bit of emailing with an SA so i've put my name down for this bag:

    i'm not sure how i feel about it. is it the color and hardware that are enticing me? it's $2325. i'm thinking i should wait for my perfect chanel bag to shell out that much for one (i.e. a patent classic flap). what do you all think? TIA for the help!
  2. oh, we cannot see the piccie, what bag is it you are enticed by!
  3. Oh no! I'll re-post it later. Sorry! But it's a tote in patent royal blue with the puzzle piece stitching and it has the same chain as the classic flap with the interwoven leather and a cute little cc charm hanging off. I'll get that pic for you guys asap.
  4. ok! so here's the pic finally:

  5. I would wait for the patent classic flap... and if you're not completely in love with a bag, that's probably a sign :smile: