Opinions needed

  1. Hello everyone,
    well today i bought these shoes and I do love them, but i just want to know what everyone thinks about them and if they are worth it. I believe i paid,540 or something around that.


    I am just using this auction so you guys can see which shoes i am talking about.
    PLease tell me what you all think.

  2. I love thoese. I am actually thinking of getting a pair. Congrats!!!:graucho:
  3. I have these too and love them. I've gotten tons of complements on them, and I've only worn them a few times because I haven't had them that long. I think they are super sexy IRL and on the foot. You should post modeling pics.
  4. Modeling pics are needed.
  5. They are adorable! Congrats and do post pics!
  6. Very cute shoes. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
  7. Nice!
  8. I think they are fun and diffrent, modelling pics will help!
  9. Cool shoes - need modelling pics tho'. These are one of the CLs that look much better on the foot than in the box.
  10. Love them.
  11. ITA:yes:
  12. they r nice, but i wont spent $600 for them, i will find some more classical ,
  13. i love patent heels. they're so nice but i can only really give you a firm opinion through modelling pics... :smile:
  14. Great shoe for a little black dress
  15. Oprah has the red ones and of course they look fantastic on her! Modeling pics when you get them!