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Lovely :)
Nov 8, 2007
Hi Ladies! I have been looking for a Violet first, and I finally found it! But...I'm having a bit of a question about the size. I've only been able to look at the wonderful pictures here on TPF to gauge the size of it vs. the size of the city.

Here's my question...I'm a pretty small girl...5'2" at most, so would the city be too overwhelming for me? Will the first be too small?

Which size would you go for?


Saved by grace
Mar 19, 2007
Barrow, Alaska
Just depends on how much you carry with you. To me- Firsts are perfect for everyday- but City's are nice too......

lol~ sorry for not helping!


Lovely :)
Nov 8, 2007
Just depends on how much you carry with you. To me- Firsts are perfect for everyday- but City's are nice too......

lol~ sorry for not helping!

:smile: The amount of stuff I carry is a direct product of which handbag I'm using! haha. If I have a small bag, I don't carry a lot, and I'm fine that way. If I have a large one, I fill it up, probably just because I can! Either way, I'm a happy camper, I'm just worried that I'll look like a goofball wearing a bag that is too big for me. Thanks for the input, Alaska! :smile:


Sep 4, 2007
Hi Lauren! First up have a look at these links if you haven't already.

This link shows you what other TPFers can carry in their bbags of respective sizes.
What's in your bbag

This link shows you how Firsts and Cities (and other styles) look on TPFers.
Photos wearing your bbags only

If you click this link, look for the threads on 'First' or 'City' to see many beautiful photos of Firsts only or Cities only.
Balenciaga Clubhouse

Having said all that, I'm 5'4 & I have a First and Twiggy. The First to me is very much a going-out purse as opposed to a daily. I can only fit my wallet (long one), cell phone, keyholder, small agenda and misc stuff eg mints, lipbalm etc. It doesn't look too small or too big on me at all. I can get the shoulder straps on my shoulder but it's not comfortable to carry like so, so I usually hand carry it or place it on my arm or use the longer strap on my shoulder.

Next up the Twiggy. It's deceptively roomy and is about as long as a City but shorter. I use my twiggy daily, I can fit whatever I put in my First plus a 14oz water bottle, light cardigan rolled up into a ball, pencil case, foldable brolly etc and more . I'm getting a City next as I'm planning on using it for A4 documents as well. I don't believe it would look too big .. I would even be prepared to buy a Work! More leather to love! ;)

The other thing is, Violet is one of the more popular and versatile shades (to me at least). So if you've found a Violet First, know that it will get snapped up pretty soon!

Hope this helps!


Sep 12, 2007
I have spent the last year attached and using every day my black first, I don't tend to carry much, wallet phone pen, note book, the first fits the bill! tall or short i think the bag looks fab, i just bought a violet first..but its so beautiful i haven't taken it out yet!!! I also own a city which does fit a lot more in but for everyday i like my first!


Mar 3, 2007
i think the first will look great on you!! it definitely won't be too small. i think you might eventually "upsize" to a city but right now i think the first will be perfect. :smile:


Aug 29, 2007
On the hunt.....
A first is great if you don't carry a lot. Otherwise the City may be better, but the city is not huge, so you won't be overwhelmed by it.


one is never enough
Jul 5, 2007
I only have a first and a day (no city). I love the first!! I think it's the perfect size! If you look in the thread about "what's in your bbag" on the main page you can see all the stuff people cram into both styles.


Aug 13, 2007
I love both styles ... but I tend to lean towards the city a little more, it's really not too big ... just don't overstuff it ... it's a great size, either one you can't go wrong!