opinions needed!!!

  1. So now that I've got my medium black distressed caviar hybrid Chanel bag, I'm jumping into the 'oh-no-I'd-better-get-it-before-the-price-increase" mode. My DH said I could get another chanel bag (isn't he the best!!!) so I need some opinions please!!! (I want them all so it's hard to choose!!):girlsigh:Which should I get and why?

    Should I get
    - another distressed hybrid medium but this time in red
    - a medium classic flap in dark white
    - not too keen on another black but maybe I should get a classic black flap? (I figured even with the price inccrease the calssic flap colours would be always available)

    and I'm planning to get something other than the classic as well
    - MM tote (something about this that draws me)
    or - a black patent luxury ligne flap ???
    I'm in Singapore and have been busy calling the Chanel boutiques in USA the last couple of days.
    Your help is somuch appreciated. TIA
  2. The medium flap in dark white would be great. It's such a classic. However maybe you want something a little bigger? The MM tote would be a great choice as well. Happy shopping!