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  1. I am weak. I have decided that I "need" a second Paddington and I "need" it in the bleu nuit color. Here's the question....do I buy another 'standard' shape Paddington to match my silver one or do I buy a box or hobo shape? I'll attach some photos so you can weigh in with opinions....

    Obviously, these aren't blue... The first is the box shape, the second is the hobo.

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  2. I would definitely get the bag in the style you don't already have.
  3. Do you like the hobo or the box better? I'm really torn. The box is similar to the 'classic' Paddington so that feels comfortable. The hobo is sorta outthere for a Paddington. So do I go really different?
  4. I am liking the hobo :smile: Here is another picture of it:

  5. I actually like both, and I totally agree with you about having to have the blue. I've seen the blue Paddingtons and they are gorgeous.

    The box looks pretty similiar to the standard. So I recommend getting the Hobo, because it serves a different function.
  6. The hobo is so unique!!! I'd say the hobo!!
  7. i like the hobo.
  8. I vote Hobo. It's a very different look (and I like it!) ;)
  9. i seriously don't get the paddington hype...
  10. I understand why people like the bags because they are unique and lovely. But, I don't understand the pricetag. I sincerely doubt that this bag costs anywhere near $1000 to make, and it actually offends me that companies put such a premium price on their product simply because they know some women will pay that much. But I'm not going to argue with capitalism.
  11. It never made sense to me to buy two of the same things even if its different colors. So i wouldnt get a standard blue nuit to match the silver you already have. But i would definitely get the hobo..The shape is vastly different so it will widen your style options. My opinion might be very biased because i've been dreaming about getting a paddington hobo for the last 3 weeks. Hopefully, I can become one with myself soon with a purchase.
  12. You say very logical and intelligent things. I just know that my logic and (often) intelligence flies out the window when I think about my bags. I guess I'm lucky its not a drug or alcohol problem!

    And, the other night, my husband asked about my bags. He's in finance. He asked what an average purchase price was, how long I kept them and how much I get (on average) at resale -- I sell my used bags at a consignment shop. He calculated what it costs me each year to have my wardrobe of bags and he was not horrified! If he's not horrified (he's been carrying the same black Coach knapsack for more than a decade!), then I feel I'm home free.
  13. And thank you everyone for your feedback! I shall keep you apprised.
  14. Thanks everyone! I went for the hobo. I should have it in about two weeks time. I appreciate all the input.
  15. Hobo! :smile: