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  1. I am looking at getting a large Cambon in the pink/black combo but I am wondering is this too much pink? Don't get me wrong, I love pink, but I am very petite & I'm wondering if such a large pink tote will be too much? Thoughts??
  2. I met KathyD this week and she was carrying oe. . . can't remember if her's was a large one or not though.
    It looked FAB nonetheless! She's tll and thin - like I'm totally guessing here, but she looked to be about 5'6"ish and was about a size 4{?}
  3. Hi girly!
    Ya know me I love colors and lots of them, but Im just not caring for this particualr bag. Too much pink for me.
  4. I think it looks very cute. I saw a young woman in the store with one recently, and she had a large size.
  5. i have the pink cambon... it's a very soft pink, so its not too strong in color. i love it! my only concerns when i use it is that i may get it dirty :sad:
  6. Is it hard to take care of?
  7. i would totally go for it! pink would be a great color for summer. i have seen the pink start to fade and it does show dirt like any other light color, but if you take good care of it i don't see it being much of an issue.
  8. I too am petite. 5'3 100lbs. I tried the bag on at Saks and it was too pink for me. the shade of pink reminded me a little of pepto-bismol.
  9. I second Janice. Just saw it today at Neiman's ....I'm also 5'3" about 115lbs and it was just way too big for me and I LIKE big bags. There's a lotta pink goin on in that bag.....
  10. Hmmm what I hard choice...but at $800 I am still tempted....
  11. i think every girl should have a pink bag!
  12. Ugh. Not to offend anyone, but I hate the pink cambon! I much prefer the black first, tan second, white third.
  13. Have you considered the tan/black color? It's a nice combo for Spring/Summer....I'm sorry, I just think the pink color in the Cambon line is too pepto/bubblegummy - getting the perfect shade of pink is really difficult IMO. Even when I buy pink bath towels for example it has to be a soft almost powdery shade...it's really hard to do in leather.
  14. I love the tan/black combo but I was considering the pink/black large tote because it is at a considerable discount from retail! If anyone has the large tan/black tote & would lick to let it go for around that price, I'd be all over it!
  15. I've had my pink Cambon a little over a week and love it. It is the medium size, but it's marked small on the tag, as there is one smaller under it. It holds lots of items, even a large sunglass case.The SA said that the tote didn't come in pink/blk in the large size. It looks really cute with jeans and a touch of pink in something else (my gaucho jeans have pink embroidered flowers on the back leg).
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