Opinions Needed

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  1. I've been weighing this decision ever since Bunkie posted the price increase thread.

    I want to buy a wallet, card case, and makeup bag but I can't make a decision about color. I can't make up my mind between the ebano and the old petra/poudre. As everyone may know, ebano is going to increase in price this Thursday which could add another $300 to the price. The wallet I like (the small french purse) doesn't come in old petra/poudre, it comes in magnolia, or I could get the continental wallet like naling's.

    So, to be clear, here are my choices:
    A) Purchase the small French, makeup bag, and card case in ebano
    B) Purchase the continental, makeup bag, and card case in old petra/poudre.
    C) Get the small French in Magnolia, the makeup bag and card case in old petra/poudre

    All comments and thoughts are welcome.
  2. though ebano is classic...i'm partial to old petra/poudre and magnolia. and as much as i admire people who match all their accessories, i'm incapable of just sticking to one color. so i choose c!
  3. My vote is for the petra and/or magnolia. Too matchy - matchy otherwise. Plus the beautiful woven leather ties it all together.
  4. I agree on mixing it up with accessories - it's the perfect opportunity to have fun with colors without paying the full price of a bag. I'm usually matchy-match too but the BV colors seem to coordinate well so I'm happy to have a variety. Only get the classic colors before the price increase if that's the color you really want.

    So I say "C" or something like it.... (3 diff colors!!)
  5. C! i agree that having all 3 in the same colour is too matchy-matchy. i am having the same problem! i bought a quarzo lizard continental and an ebano zip coin purse, but am having second thoughts about the coin purse because as much as ebano is beautiful...i'm not a big fan of brown. but my only other colour choices are nero or quarzo though (they don't have any other colours here, unlike you lucky ducks in the states).
  6. Another vote for C. The combination adds interest and depth, they complement each other and the colours are truly beautiful.
  7. Well, price increase notwithstanding (on the classic colours, which would be available at all times), do keep in mind the other colours are seasonal i.e. once it’s sold out, it’s gone!!! So, you know the answer. ;)

    Having said that, I would say I’m greedy, I like most, if not all of BV’s colours be it Ebano, Poudre, Old Petra, Limo all of which I have and still collecting. IMO, BV makes the most beautiful classic colours and absolutely amazing seasonal ones!
  8. i say C, like everyone else. all the bv colours are so scrummy, and its nice to have someting in each colour;);)
  9. p.s , i am a bit biased because i have the small french wallet in magnolia!!!
  10. I'm boring. I like ebano because 1) I can't keep light colored things clean and 2) I like things to look clean. I have a problem with the straps on my Louis Vuitton monogram handbags; it drives me crazy that they look a little dingy even though I try hard to keep my hands clean.
  11. Thank you all for your replies. I made a decision and a purchase. It was hard, the techie in me said, "A, it has to all match", the girlie-girl said, "C, it's pink and purple and wonderful". I went with "C". I will post pics as soon as they arrive.
  12. Congratulations! Looking forward to the pics when you receive your lovely combo!
  13. I would vote for C too.
    Congrats!! Looking forward to pictures of your beautiful items. =)
  14. Great service from BV. I placed the order Wednesday at 5 and received everything yesterday and today.
    I'm going to post pictures tonight in the "What's in your BV" thread.