Opinions Needed... Which pearl earrings should I get with this necklace?

  1. [​IMG]

    Which earrings would you choose with this necklace?
    (pictures borrowed from importedfashionhouse)



    I know the necklace retails for $725. Does anyone know what the prices are for the earrings?

  2. I would get the second pair, I think the hanging pearl on that one is a bit nicer. I do like the other ones too, but prefer the second.

    Sorry I do not know the earrings prices, but that eBay seller always jacks up the price, so don't go by what they are asking.
  3. i personaly like the second pair with it better
  4. I think the first pair would be nice with the necklace...the second pair looks great but since you already have so many pearls hanging off your neck, you may want to keep it simple and wear simpler earrings. I don't know if the pearl dangle in the second pair would make it look too "over the top". JMHO.
  5. BTW the first pair is (I think) $240 CAD in Canada after price increase...and they were $205 CAD before. You're in the US so these prices probably won't help but I would expect them to be around $195 in the US before price increase?
  6. i probably wouldn't pick either one, when wearing that necklace. I don't like to be too matchy-matchy... unless it's for an evening event.

    If I had to pick one, I would pick the first pair because they don't have a dangling pearl.

    I own that necklace by the way, and I love it!!
  7. I own the pearls and the first pair of earings. But I dont wear them together. Esp if I want to wear sunglasses as well. I think its just too many CC's to be worn all at once. But both earings def match the pearls.

    When I wear the pearl necklace, I put on a nice pair of princess cut diamond earings.
  8. DD101, ohhMRmagazine, karman, Jayne1, and omgsweet,
    Thank you for your opinions.

    Jayne1 and omgsweet,
    You are absolutely right about not wearing them together. The more I look at the photos of the earrings and imagine them together with the necklace, the more I think too much logo. LOL

    I think I will wear my single pearl earrings or diamond studs with the necklace if/when I get it.

    Thanks again. :smile: