Opinions Needed.. What should I get

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  1. for my very 1st LV? Im saving up and I, wondering which one I should get! I was thinking something Monogram so it is a classic!
  2. We need more from you!
    Price range?
    Handbag or shoulder bag?
    Big or small . . . . ?
  3. Here are some suggestions

    Mono Batignolles Horizontal (shoulder bag, tote)
    Mono Speedy 30 (handheld, good for everyday)
    Mono Zippy (wallet/organizer)
    Mono Wapity
  4. I am trying to get one ASAP so the less $$ the better i guess!

    I like handhelds and shoulder bags! I like large bags!:yes:
  5. Is the Batignoles Horizontal good for everyday? I like that and the speedy! I know the speedy is cheaper but which would be a better over all bag?
  6. get the speedy! :smile:
  7. I would say the bagtinolle horizontal will be better for everyday since its a shoulder bag. It doesn't have a zipper so its really easy to get in and out of it.
  8. depending on your ideas of a everyday bag...hand/shoulder/large/small

    speedy (always a classic)
    popincourt haut (shoulder/zipper closure)
    cabas piano (classic/shoulder/zipper closure)
    batignolles (shoulder/clip closure/great style)
    trouville (alternative to a speedy)
  9. I have and completely recommend the Batignolles Horizontal. The size is perfect for everyday and the price point for the size is pretty reasobnable compared to other LV monograms IMO.
    The BH is a shoulder bag the Speedy is not.
  10. Get the Papillon 26 in Damier. It's cheaper than most of the other bags posted and I'm sure the size is good. Also, if you do sell it, Damier Papillons run higher than the Monogram ones.
  11. Mono Mizi!
  12. Hi Heather!!:flowers:

    First of all, what kind of bags do you like? Do you prefer a shoulder strap or do you not mind the kind you can't put up on your shoulder? Do you want a casual look or businessy look? Do you like totes? Big bags, small bags?

    Let us know!
  13. I agree. Although you like big bags, they tend to be more expensive (generally speaking) than the smaller ones. I'd go for the Speedy 30. In my opinion, it's the perfect first bag. :yes:

    Let us know what you decide!
  14. Ooops, I didn't see this post.....you should just get a Speedy 30 like everyone else seems to get *first*! My friend calls it the "gateway bag" for LV, lol! You would be very happy with it I think.
  15. I personally think the Batignolles Horizontal is a great everyday bag. I had originally ordered two different sizes of Speedys, but sent them back. I love my BH, though.