** Opinions needed - Ursula Strass Sunnies - PICS **

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How do the Ursula Strass sunnies look on me?

  1. They look good...keep em!

  2. They look bad....send them back.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just received these Ursula Strass sunnies in Noir today. Now I need your opinions on how they look on me. Do they look good? Are they too big for my face?

    Here are some pics:


    TIA! :P
  2. I think they look good. Not to big at all.:tup:
  3. they look awesome. They compliment your face really well!!!
  4. Liar.. Don't patronize her. :yes:
  5. It's ok...I'm not crazy about it.
  6. I think they might be a tad bit big; I like oversized sunglasses though.
    Are they comfy?
  7. They feel okay, I'm still trying to get used to them. I have the Desmayo cat eye and Soupcon GM sunnies as well, and these definitely feel bigger.
  8. They do not look big to me. I am waiting for lv to make some big frames. The Mahina did not fit me so well.

    You look cute in these.
  9. I think they look a little too big, sorry.
  10. They look great. You must be use to smaller sunglasses and just feel these may be big, but they are not too big at all, they fit your face perfectly and are very flattering on your face!
  11. Thanks for your opinions guys! It's much appreciated.
  12. they are nice! keep em!
  13. I think they look great. That's the style for them to be a bit bigger. I love these sunglasses.
  14. I don't think they are too big. If you like them, keep em!
  15. I think they look very complimentary on your face :tup: