Opinions needed..URGENT

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  1. Hi guys
    I did not know where to post this , so mods pls remove if its the wrong thread.
    I recieved a birkin that I bought from a very famous re-seller (TPF recomended). I compared it with an existing birkin I bought from Hermes.(Im so paranoid about buying from re-sellers)
    all looks the same, but: in the hermes strap (that has ID and blinstamp) its supposed to say Hermes-paris. like all my other birkins, this says that but there is this little box tiny tinny next to PARIS that i cant figure out what it is- do some birkins come with a little mark? what does it mean?
    I compared the lock to my other birkin of the same year, the new one i got today has 09-06 under HERMES on the lock while the other old one does not.
  2. u know what i figured that the small stamp is because its with GH not PH :smile: sorry.
    but any idea about the lock? is that the date?
  3. YES: GHW ha sthe small square and PHW doesnt on the closure plate. YES the new locks have the date
  4. Hi there! Please post this in the Authenticate This Hermes thread. thanks!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.