Opinions Needed: Toiletry Bags as Clutches

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I've recently been looking into getting a small messenger bag to carry things such as my keys, wallet, phone etc. But I'm a huge football (soccer) fan, and in Europe I've seen that many of the footballers carry around designer toiletry bags under their arms where ever they go. Just wanted to see what people think of using toiletry bags to carry personal items in, instead of using a messenger bag or pochette to carry things in.

  2. If you find one you like, go for it. Some are really nice. :smile:
  3. Couldn't agree more or say it better!
  4. My son has one of these. I think they can look great, but he just uses it for toiletries. I'm not sure how user-friendly they would be as messenger bags though, as the straps are often minimal.