Opinions needed--those who own the expandable flap

  1. This is a bag that I don't hear much about on the forum anymore

    Those of you who own this bag please please chime in on your thoughts.

    1--I've heard that the threading unravels due to the large stitching.

    2--I've also heard that it kind of bends in the middle and doe not keep its shape on you put things inside

    I like it though because its a fresh variation of the flap. I have a ton of flaps and a change would be good.

    Please help

  2. I don't have one, but I'd like one too. Hopefully in brown, one day. When I slow down, because I certainly can't get one right now! LOL
  3. I have one that I have used several times. I haven't had any problems with the stitching. But I baby my bags... It does kinda bottom out if you overload it because it is sooo soft. But I love it!!
  4. I wore one of mine today.I have to say the red one is my all time fave and most loved bag!!!!
    It will bend in the middle if u dont put ehough stuff in it.I do NOT have this problem..LMAO!..I carry EVERYTHING in my bags!HEEHEE!
    I still think this bag is my all time fave line...(Sharpie too!LOL!)
  5. I have the 2007 version (2 straps attached with 1 leather handle) in black and is one of my favorite bags, and I dont have any problems whatsoever, it is a beautiful bag:tup::yes:
  6. I love the expandable! I would love to have one in Red :biggrin:
  7. I love my expandable flap. Have not had any problems with the stitching so far (but I've actually only carried her out once!!!).
    It is soft and not a structured bag...... I love the way it feels and looks.
  8. It is also one of my favorite bags!!
  9. I love the Expandable Flap! And as I said in another thread, my sister normally is a designer bag-hating gal, but she loves this one Chanel bag.
  10. I have not had any problem with the stitching yet. I am careful with it but not overly so. It does have a tendency to slouch in the middle if it is not full. This does not really bother me though. I love this bag!
  11. Does it fit a lot more than a jumbo caviar flap?
  12. ^yep..fits A Ton More!
  13. Agree w/Jill, it fits ALOT more!
  14. i finally broke down and got one in black, i adore her......yes, she does slouch in the middle, but the older version (the double chained one) not only slouched but collapsed -- and looked out of balance. You fit a ton in her, and for me, the ideal of a slouchy flap is TDF. She is my HG bag....classic with an edge...:heart:
  15. I have the tote in Red. It's really my 2nd one though... the stitching came undone in two places, the side of the bag and on the strap. But I couldn't refuse it and found another one. I'd get the flap if they had it still in the red color too... lol.