Opinions Needed: TGM Picotin

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  1. Hey all-I've been searching for some mod pics of the TGM picotin and there doesn't seem to be too many. I'm 5'5 about 100lbs and I'm wondering if the TGM might be too big for me? Also, any input about pros/cons of that size would be great too! TIA:biggrin:
  2. i'm 5'3 therabouts, quite a couple of pounds heavier and i find the GM big enough. the TGM would probably resemble Santa's sack on me. i don't have pictures though, i tried the GM at the store. i've seen the TGM at the store and it is way too big.
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    I am 5'2" and medium build - heavier than you gals - about a 6 American/28 denim, 38-40 french, 42 italian.

    here is me with my mom's tgm (I just slung it over my shoulder quickly one day as another tpfer was curious about this issue too, post 367 http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-clubhouse/ode-to-the-picotin-421880-25.html

    It is deeper than it is long, so it juts out from the hip if you kwim.

    These pics show an unstuffed tgm
  4. 880 i remember these pics!

    i think i have to consider the bag worn with summer/winter clothes. i tried the GM in humid and HOT weather and i had on a sleeveless petit bateau tank top.
  5. Hey christy! I tried on the GM and TGM a few weeks ago and I was sold on the TGM :yes:
    I loved the big size and how easily it slung over my shoulder - I really could not get any other size over my shoulder comfortably, I am about 5'4 120lbs.
    I am currently waiting for my SA to locate one for me in the color I wanted, seems to be taking long to me :thinking: One came in the week before last and he called but turns out they sent it in the GM by mistake :pout:

    I did love the GM size also and would love one but right now I was looking for a bigger bag to wear over the shoulder ;)
  6. Thanks 880, loves & qv2!!....do you find the base sticks out too much? or is it still comfortable? (kwim?)
  7. That's what I was worried about. I didn't fill it with anything and it is kind of square but my DH and I both thought it was OK, maybe because that yummy Clemence is so soft :P
    It IS a BIG bag but I loved it. The GM is probably a more "perfect" size bag and I was really torn but for me it was the handle drop as like I said I was looking for something to SLING over my shoulder and the TGM was perfect for that :yes:
  8. YES! These pics are what made me ask to try on the TGM! I went in all set to buy a GM :smile: Thank you!!!
  9. I hope this helps. Gold color with Lock. Nope, I didn't buy it. Hanyeu is looking for one! Just tried for fun. It's quite comfy and a good size for a shopping bag for me:P


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  10. The TGM actually suits you KaLindy.......... You and Hanyeu are still clearing up Taipet H?..........;)

    Sorry OP to steal your thread for a little chat...........;)
  11. i actually think the base of the TGM is too big, as seen in kalindy's pic.
  12. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it! :biggrin:

    Back to topic!

    The TGM is perfect for my build which is 173cm and 70kg. If you like a big bag, then I think it is a good look as seen on KaLindy. We thought it was the perfect size to go grocery shopping! ha! :graucho: perfect for that loaf of french bread! I think TGM currently only comes in clemence which is usually quite floppy so maybe the base may be mushed out over time?! the GM comes in other leather such as barenia :heart:

    It is my understanding that TGM and GM only differs slightly in size but the straps are LONGER on the TGM to enable one to sling over the shoulder easier. Perhaps someone who owns a Picotin can confirm that?
  13. The only problem I've had with the TGM is that all my stuff got tossed around inside, one item laying on top of the other, so that I spent an awful lot of time rummaging around trying to find what I was after.

    This turned out NOT to be a good bag for me just for this one reason...perhaps a bag organizer might help?
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  14. I saw a fellow pfrmer try on the TGM in the boutique and found that the base does stick out too much if it is worn on the shoulder. I prefer the look of the 26cm SO kelly. Have you had a chance to try one on IRL?
  15. hanyeu .. why don't you post your pic of the TGM .. if you don't hv it .. we can take it tomorrow and help our cm340 decide .. Kalindy also tried it out the black, the color made the picotin look smaller .. Miss K here was looking for a everyday wet market bag .. picture loaves if french bread and bouquets of field flowers, wine, it will fit everything^^

    Hi cm340 .. hope all is well w/ you dear!