Opinions needed: Steel GSH PT or Black GSH city


steel GSH pt or black GSH city



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  1. I cant choose.. would totally get both, but that's not going to happen. Never tried to PT before, but after looking at other Pfer's PT, I don't mind it at all.

    help help :love:
  2. I vote for the steel/plomb sgh PT, I personally prefer the GH on the PT than the city. It looks more balanced on the PT. good luck!
  3. thanks for your reply :smile: It's great help!
  4. I love a black city especially with GSH! Thats a perrrrfect bag!
  5. thx for the votes girls :smile:

    such a hard decision...
  6. I love both, but I voted for the plomb/steel GSH PT! The PT might be a more versatile size, and from what I've seen both on my own plomb items and the pics I've seen here, plombs tend to have really beautiful, thick, soft chewy leather!!
  7. I voted for the Black GSH City!! I love the look of it!
  8. i chose city i like black and i like the city size versus pt =)
  9. I agree! I think it the GH overwhelms the City and makes it look smaller than it really is.