Opinions needed Speedy 30 b, neverfull mm or gm, delightful mm??

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  1. Any moms use any of these bags as an everyday bag for them and their lo? I have a 14 month old and already have a speedy 30b and neverfull mm but can't seem to always fit what I need. I've tried the neverfull gm but found it to be a bit overwhelming at times. I really want to stop using a diaper bag and start to feel myself again by using my bags. Can anyone recommend any of the bags I listed or post a what's in your bag photo of one of these you use? Would I just get used to the neverfull gm if I were to get it?
  2. I have the old Delightful PM. It is heavy. The strap slipped off of my shoulder when shopping. I had to purchase another strap to the tune of $300 to make this work as a cross body bag. The piping around the bottom gets dirty so easily.
    I regret this purchase.
    The Neverfull GM might be the way to go for you.