Opinions needed! Sell or keep?

  1. I've debating for the longest time (4 months now) if i should sell my damier azur speedy. I got the mirage speedy last yr and honestly...i dont know if i'll ever use the azur anymore. I really like the bag, but i feel like i have to be really careful with it - the lining of my bag is a bit dirty at the corners. I want to sell it one minute and the next i dont, because i kind of want like a collection. But i dont want it to just sit there....unused and unappreciated .HAHA.

    I'm also thinking about getting another white bag for this summer, something that wont get dirty so easily. Possibly the vernis summit drive in the white color...i really really like that bag.

    Ok, so back to question: should i sell my damier azur????? Also, its a bit dirty around the corners so i might not even get a good price for it. Ahhh...i'm sooo torn. :crybaby:
  2. the azur speedy will be much easier to take care of than the vernis summit.
  3. oo..really?? how come? I have the vernis wallet and i love it...it doesnt get dirty!!! I like to throw my stuff around.
  4. ive debated this exact same Question
    ive used my for a total of 3 times
    but I just cant do it- its tooo pretty
  5. i would keep it. you can use it on an occasional basis. plus like you mentioned the bag is already slighty dirty meaning you will most likely not be able to get a good price for it. If this is the case then I would much rather just keep it and use it for myself. Afterall, we used good money to buy our bags in the first place. even if we do eventually sell we should try to get a good price for them. the ones you know you cant get a good price one, you might as well keep and use yourself.
  6. totally agree! white/ pearl vernis turns slightly yellow over time. I think azur is a very nice summer bag, but if you really concerned/ worried about the light color, then sell it (you always can buy another one):idea:

  7. u might as well sell it and put the money towards a bag you really want and will def use! Good luck!
  8. the azur is perfect, i don't think you should sell it (unless you really, really need to).
  9. I had the same debate back in October. I have a mono speedy and an Epi Speedy and I didn't use the Azur more than maybe three times during the summer. I went back and forth and finally decided to sell it I ended up buying a Damier Saleya pm which I don't worry about getting dirty. Its a great winter bag. I decided for me it was more practical to have something I didn't have to worry about getting dirty...
  10. Since your still reluctant keep it.. you never know you might feel like wearing it... or just wait and see if there's something else you like much more and would want to give it up..then go sell.
    Good luck!
  11. the only white bag I can think of that's more durable than Azur will be Epi Ivory. Because of Vernis' special treatment, long term exposure to heat, sun will cause color fading, especially lighter colored ones. Not to mention potiential color transfers if wear w/dyed cotton/denim.

    But if you really don't use it that much, it's better you sell and fund for a more useful piece than just let it sit there.

  12. Why would the Saleya pm get less dirty than the speedy from the Azur collection?
  13. You say the corners are dirty. Have you tried a milk cleanser to see if you can clean it up. A PF member recently cleaned her bag with a milk cleanser which even removed black transfer that occured on the bag. Do a search, it was a recent post, if you cannot find, pm me and I will forward the link.
  14. I agree with southerncharm, try cleaning up the bag with a cleanser, babywipes, or magic eraser and see if a cleaner bag makes you happier and more inclined to use it. Otherwise - SELL it and try and find a bag that you will use more often.

    I'm trying to encourage myself to SELL the bags I don't use.
  15. I'm not one to let my bags just sit in the closet. If you're not using it or feel like you can't really enjoy it for fear of getting it dirty then by all means sell it. That is exactly why I sold mine. Loved to look at her but I was too scared to actually carry her. Plus, I'd take a mirage speedy over azur any day and twice on Sundays! :p