Opinions needed - red heels

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  1. Hi Ferragamo lovers,

    I am a diehard Ferragamo fan, and I thought I'd share with you these recently-purchased Tina heels.

    IMG_7088 by atreusZ, on Flickr

    I still have a really hard time deciding between these red ones and the same pair in black patent. I can still return them if I change my mind. I find black patent leather more beautiful, but I already have a pair of black Vara flats, would it be excessive to own a pair of heels that look the same from the front? I really do love the red, even if it's not as classic.
    I could probably do some research myself, but does red leather age well?


  2. I have the ribes 70 in red and I love them. In saying that I have them in black too to cover all bases :lol: The red was the first pair I purchased as it is such a beautiful shade of red. I've had mine for over a year and the patent wears really well. I say keep the red.
  3. The red is a beautiful shade.
  4. You can get black anytime but the various colours do come and go.... Lovely either way tho!
  5. I love my red tinas..sucha sexy shade of red
  6. Keep the red! It's gorgeous..
  7. I say keep the red, they are gorgeous and very classic IMO :hbeat:
  8. Love that red! You should keep them.