Opinions needed re: Mini Lin vs. Neverfull

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Which bag for me? Mini Lin Speedy/Noe or Neverfull?

  1. Neverfull MM (mono)

  2. Mini Lin Speedy 30

  3. Mini Lin Noe

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm thinking about buying a new purse for my birthday in July. However, I'm debating on which purse for the following reasons:

    Neverfull MM (mono):
    The shape of the Neverfull is similar to the Hampstead MM and Batignolles Horizontal of which I have both. Do I want another tote style bag? The Neverfull is cute, inexpensive (relatively speaking!), and has the cute lining but no cell phone pocket.

    Mini Lin Speedy 30 (ebene):
    I already own a Damier Speedy 30 and a Mono Speedy 30. I love the Speedy but do I really need a 3rd version of it? But, I think the Mini Lin material is pretty! But, then I don't really have any "cloth" purses. Would it get dirty? What if Mini Lin gets wet? Does it dry quickly?

    Mini Lin Noe:
    I already own a Petit Noe (mono). It's a cute bag and I love the Mini Lin Noe! For some odd reason, the Mini Lin Noe doesn't look as big as the Mono Noe. But, since the Mini Lin Noe is a dark bag on the inside, would it just be a bottomless pit? I already own a large Purseket which can probably be used with the Mini Lin Noe, so maybe that solves the bottomless pit problem. I'm 5"3', would the Mini Lin Noe look too long/big on me? Mini Lin Noe is more expensive than the other two choices. (I was hoping to keep the price under $700).

    What are your thoughts? :smile:
  2. I love the Nini Lin Noe- it just so elegant and chic. Plus it's quite different from anything you already have.
  3. Mini Lin Noe! Different style- different material from what you already have.
  4. I like the neverfull mm.
  5. I love both my Mini Lin Noé and Mini Lin Speedy so either bag would be fabulous for you. Just depends on if you prefer a shoulder or handheld bag.

    P.S. I am 5'4" and the Noé is perfect and it has adjustable straps. Not a bottomless pit either!

    Your purseket should work fine.
  6. I vote for the Mini Lin Speedy. I love mine.

  7. Neverfull!
  8. Mini Lin Speedy! I love them!
  9. I vote for the mini lin noe because you've already got speedy's and totes, and the noe is classy and beautiful. I own mini lin (the bucket) in ebene and find that it doesn't get dirty easily (or dirt comes off easily) and water rolls right off or dries very quickly! My mini lin was my snowy winter bag in fact!
  10. Thanks! Good to know!!!
  11. Well, it doesn't snow in Los Angeles, so I won't have to worry about that with a Mini Lin! LOL! Good to know about dirt coming off easily and water rolling off the Mini Lin bags. Decisions, decisions.... Thx!
  12. i vote for the mini lin noe!! since ur tiny u can probably wear it across the body too, 2 uses for one bag =]
  13. I love my mini lin Noe -- I don't think it's a bottomless pit. I've already received many compliments on it and I've only had it for two weeks now. It's a gorgeous bag -- you'll be impressed with it!
  14. I vote Mini Lin Speedy! I LOVE mine!!!
  15. I chose Mini Lin Noe. ;) I know it's not a style that everyone likes, but I absolutely LOVE it in mini lin...and I don't think the size is too big at all...that's just me.