Opinions Needed & Question

  1. Hey everyone... I have an older speedy that has nice worn handles of darkened colors that doesnt bother me, its a great bag but i have been forced to put it in retirement at the moment.. The pull of the zippers leather where the lock hole is has gotten so worn that there is a tiny rip on the leather. Just a lot of usage and wear and tear i guess. I recieved this bag from an older relative. I just want that tiny piece replaced cause its driving me nuts to see the damage and makes me upset. Do you think they'd repair that small part? Nothing is wrong with the zipper just the leather on the pull of the zipper. Although, I'd assume it would look funny having a new piece of leather.. Anyone know how much itd cost to replace handles. Im sorry i'm new to this site i found it trying to google my own question so I apologize if someone has posted this answer. I really cant afford a new bag but i dont want to trash this bag either. nothing else is wrong with it. Thanks so much
  2. I have had LV replace the zipper pull portion free of charge. Sometimes they do have older, darker pieces that they can put on. Most times though it is new vachetta and will be lighter than the rest of your leather.

    They will replace the handles and leather tabby things on your bag as well. They will take your bag in and call you with a quote. Try and press them at the store to get a quote on the spot, as the quotes vary from store to store for some strange reason.
  3. Thank you very much for your response :smile:
  4. I have the same problem with my mini, the little leather piece has gotton soooo soft I fear I am going to rip it off when I close it :sad: I retired mine too