Opinions needed please :)

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  1. So I just got this Banana Creme lil Ukita and I'm not sure I'm liking the leather. I have 3 other Ukitas and the leather is more smooth on them. Would this bother anyone else or am I being too picky? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397213427.569444.jpg
  2. If you got it from somewhere where you can exchange it, I probably would.

  3. I think I will exchange it. Unfortunately I have to send it back and hope they have another one. I really am trying to live with it but it is driving me crazy! I just hope the next one I get is not worse :/
  4. It is a leather. Leather can have different textures. As long as it is even everywhere, I would keep it. I really do not see anything wrong with it.
  5. I think it looks used, it would annoy me! I would change if possible.
  6. If you can exchange it go for it
  7. I like it as is, the texture of it is kind of like some supple, thin buffalo hide to me. I think the brass hardware compliments it nicely as well.
  8. I just bought MBMJ mini natasha and the leather texture is same as yours. Maybe it's possible that the newer version of MBMJ bags are being treated in a different way to give a washed up look? I bought the classic natasha too and it's in the mail so probably I'll be able to answer you better when I receive that.

    In either way, it's a beautiful bag and I'm sure it'll suit you well :smile:
  9. It looks fine to me.. Maybe u can put some leather conditioner. But the more u use it the more it would soften n smoothen out
  10. Thanks for all the responses! I've decided to keep it. I called another store that had one left and they said it looks the same as mine. I know that all leather is different and this is normal but I was just use to the smooth ones I have. I'm sure I'll get over it...besides I absolutely LOVE this color!
  11. I think it looks just fine. :tup: