Opinions needed please....

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  1. I really am so in love with the new montaigne empriente, but with that price tag the only way I can justify is selling from my collection. Based on my current collection (BELOW) what would you part with and why to fund for this new bag? My current choices are the Roses speedy and/or the speedy cube. Mostly because I can get the most money for them to fund for the new bag. Thoughts??
  2. Sad to say but I would say goodbye to a really lovely speedy cube. :thinking:
  3. I would sell the speedy cube.
  4. I would sell the cube. If you need to then sell the roses , but if not keep it!!
  5. I vote for the cube, too.
  6. I agree, sell the speedy cube. DO NOT sell the roses speedy. It's beautiful and that could be a huge regret. Well, would be if it were me. :giggles:
  7. I would get rid of your cube since you are willing to part with it and looking at your collection, I would get rid of the speedy 35 since you have the 30 speedy b in mono. This still leaves you with speedys in the other patterns. I would not get rid of the Roses speedy since LE. You may regret that one if you sell it,
  8. Speedy cube and azur.
  9. +1
  10. Another vote to sell the speedy cube. I just bought the speedy empreinte in black and had to sell my Chanel GST to fund it. It hurt, but I didn't use my Chanel anyway. Hth
  11. Cube
  12. +1
  13. +1azur and cube
  14. Wow, looks like it's time to say goodbye to the cube! Makes sense since it's black and I only need one black. Thanks for all your help. I'm going to see the new bag in person and if as gorgeous as it looks online, I'll be listing the cube this weekend and hopefully be getting a new bag soon :smile:
  15. Good luck