Opinions needed please!

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  1. I am thinking of bidding on a black GIGI that is descibed as having scuffs, scratches, worn marks (but in overall nice condition) Plus, a turnlock is broken.
    This could mean very big savings but, I have no experience cleaning, conditioning leather etc. Can it be cleaned up to look almost good as new? Is it worth it?
    Opinions needed, and very much appreciated!
  2. I'm no expert but for me, I know I couldn't do it--I would never know how to clean it up and replace the turnlock so it would be like paying for a broken down bag :crybaby: That poor bag! I say if you have the desire to replace her to her great beauty, go for it!!! And post pictures of your progress!


  3. Have you seen any pictures? I would be wary purchasing a bag sight unseen. :s
  4. I have seen pictures. W/ it being a black baG it is hard to tell just how bad off it is, because pics appear to look pretty good. I emailed the seller and asked questions, am waiting for a response.
  5. I saw that same bag. Based on the description I don't know if I would risk it. The pictures don't really show the wear to the bag so it would be really hard to know if you could rehab it.
  6. The turnlock can be replaced by Coach... but the rest you would have to decide. :yes:
  7. I wonder if the leather can be cleaned up, good as new, due to the scratches, scuffs etc?
    I read on here before that someone rehab'd a leather bag, almost good as new. don't know what the condition was when they bought it though...I don't know what to do...
  8. Well....at the price it is going for at the moment, i'd rather buy it new.....
  9. I've been looking at the same one and I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy a new one. I have a couple bags with tags still on it that I'm going to return and use that money to buy a Gigi.
  10. Coach does charge $20. for repairs and you have to take it in and might have to explain how long you've had it. The seller most likely got this as a final sale & paid under 200 for it. (they usually offer a 50% discount for broken turnlocks) They go for $375 at the outlet.

    The black is a rare find in the outlets; I've seen whiskey & sig only.
  11. The turnlock can be easily replaced, but it's my understanding from my local store that if it's beyond a certain point, the bag would have to be redyed (they send it off to a professional repair facility, and it's at your expense).
  12. Thanks for responding all!
    It ended up going for 191. im glad i didn't bid.

  13. WOW, really?? I originally got my whiskey one a while back for around $300 or so brand new and in perfect condition. It's hard to know whether ~$200 was a decent price or not, especially considering add'l refurb costs.
  14. My thoughts exactly....Another reason i did not bid is the seller
    did not email and respond to any of my questions on the condition of the bag. I realize seller could have been at work, etc.. but had i had a bit more info, i may have bid. Im going to keep my eye out for a new one on ebay. I'm really liking this bag alot!
    Would you say this is a good everyday bag? Im looking for a large, spacious,everyday leather tote.
  15. I think it's great! That's why I bought 3 of them. You can dress it up with a nice scarf or charm and use it as a bag or even work tote I think. The straps are long enough to easily fit on the shoulder, so I like that too. The only thing is that it folds over when you sit it down unless you lean it against something, so things in the slip pockets might slide out. As a result, I use the outside turnlock flap pockets and put my wallet inside the inner zip pocket if I'm concerned about my venue and theft.