Opinions needed please on the water proof keepall!!

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  1. Hi guys, I was just in LV today picking up a key holder!! :tup: and I was looking at the water proof keepall... it's called the water proof keepall, right?? What do you guys think of it? And do you know whe price difference between it and the traditional mono one? It's really starting to grow on me recently.... Thanks;)
  2. I think it's seriously cool! I would buy one if I had the money/use for it. It's $2030, and it's the same size of the 55, which retails for $945 ($1185 with shoulder strap)...so, yea. It's over double of the regular one.:shocked:
  3. the waterproof keepall is actually nice and very lightweight. i wanted to buy it last time but eventually decided on getting the trolley 50 bosphore instead.
  4. Thanks for the opinions! I didn't realise it was quite so big or so expensive. I wish it came in a 45! I think i'll start saving!!! lol
  5. I think it's cool, but I honestly can't think of many situations where my Keepall would be drenched to the point where I'd need it to be waterproof.