OPINIONS needed please! Neverfull PM for Noe BB?

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  1. Hi Ladies & Gents!
    I wanted to get your opinion on something...
    I want to sell my DE Neverfull PM to help fund for a Noe BB.
    (NOTE: i am NOT selling on this site.. I just need opinions. :okay: )
    but the only thing is, i had the bag hotstamped!
    I read on this forum a while back that the SA can take the coloring off, but not the imprint.
    So I'm going to try that!
    I just got the bag last year august and its in great condition...
    i dont use it anymore and it just sits in my closet, which is why i want to get rid of it for
    a noe bb.

    What do you ladies think?
    should i do it?
  2. I have seen nf's on eBay not sell at all or for significantly lower than they should because of heat stamps (even with no colour). Perhaps keep it and save for the noe? Unless you are convinced you will never use it again. Neverfulls are such great practical bags that are so useful to have
  3. I sold 2 NF's and don't regret it. I like my Totally better for a tote, and I have 2 Longchamps I use for totes. I'm pretty much in the minority, but I'm not overly fond of NF's anymore.

    One thing I hear one here is that the Noe's are hard to open and close. I don't mind the process of opening and closing a Noe, but do think about that it can be harder to get in and out of quickly.
  4. thank you! Im going to do it.. im kind of nervous tho!
  5. thank you for your response, im actually going to the store today to see how much it would cost to have the strap replaced!
  6. good luck
  7. I have a Neverfull & 2 Noe's
    Love both - but if you hardly use the NF then try & sell it
  8. Wow, they are such different bags. Have you tried the Noe BB yet? I have a couple and really like them, but they are not a go to everyday bag. A little hard to get in and out of and don't hold a lot. My mono BB is much softer and easier to deal with than the Epi's so that's something to consider. I guess if you don't use the Neverfull, then maybe it is time to move on. Just try to be sure you won't have regrets down the road! Good luck!