Opinions needed, please help!

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  1. I'm looking to purchase my first Michael Kors bag, the Jet Set Travel East West tote. I fell in love with the summer blue in store, but after giving it some thought i think the Palm (green) might be a better choice. The problem is that I love color and wear a lot of bright clothes, green, blue, yellow, and orange mostly. I don't want the purse to keep me from wearing a particular color. I'm not a change your purse every day kind of girl so I'm looking for a classic bag that will last a long time and am concerned that the trendy color might be too much. But....the green is so fabulous!!!! I'm a casual (44 year old) girl in a young college town. I want to look hip, but not obnoxious! LOL!

    So...should I go for the Palm or switch to the more classic Luggage color? Would you carry luggage all year round?

    Thanks for listening!
  2. IMO for your first MK go for what you really want. If it's color then get color, you can always get a neutral or classic color at another time. Hope this helps.
  3. I would carry luggage all year round, but (even living in the Northeast), I think I could carry the palm all year round, too. I have the lime green Hamilton that I use in the spring/summer (and I'm a bit older than your girlish 44 years) and I find it to go with just about anything. I think the summer blue is lovely, but not as neutral/versatile as the palm. And if you just love color, go for it and enjoy! One warning though: MK is totally addictive!!
  4. Get the Palm....it will contrast well with your other brights. And, it is absolutely a fact that MK is addicting, so you will probably end up getting the luggage a week later anyway...hehe!
  5. My opinion is luggage for your first one...since you wear soo many colors, the luggage would be everyday... then, since you're going to be addicted like the rest of us, you can start scoping out colors when they go on sale! :nuts::tup:
  6. Thanks all! I'm still torn, but think I will go for the luggage. I love the green so hopefully it will go on sale soon and I can get both! LOL!
  7. The green is eye popping and if you're going to spend all that money on a nice handbag, don't you want people to notice it?!

    Luggage is pretty...and pretty unnoticeable except for the discernful eye.

    Go for the palm green!!
  8. You are making the right choice. Start with the everyday color and then move on to the bright, bold, show-stopping colors. I first fell in love with the sapphire Selma and that was going to be my first MK purchase, but I instead got the luggage color because it was on sale and am very happy I did. Luggage is actually a very rich, pretty shade of tan/brown that goes with everything. I too became addicted to MK and then got the malachite green Selma (color from last season) and now finally (a few weeks later) have the sapphire Selma in the mail on its way to me. You'll definitely end up with both colors sooner than you think!