Opinions needed on Tory Burch pumps...

  1. Hello! I just ordered a pair of Tory Burch pumps from Nordstrom.com. Just wondering if anyone has the same pair and what you guys think about them. Are they true to size? I bought them because I needed a pair of comfortable and neutral heels for going out and work. Thanks!
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  2. They are definately cute! Love the color, love the quilted pattern, but not sure if I love the chunky heel...

    I would definately get those in the ballet flats version, if they were available!
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I have a pair of these and I absolutely adore them. So comfortable. Mine are the non quilted kind though.
  4. I think they look adorable.
  5. do you ladies know if these run true to size or small? thanks!
  6. i don't like them at all
  7. I really like those :tup: With the chunky heel, they will probably be comfortable.
  8. I think they are very cute and stylish.
  9. well i own the brown ones without the quilt. I love it. The chunky heels doesnt even show up as much with the brown color. No one would see it when I wear it with long pants but it secretly adds some height without torturing your feet. I love it and I can run in it, it's that comfy =) I dont really know abt the quilting though if it makes the shoes more stiff.
  10. I do not own one personally, however; I think those are kind of cute.
  11. I have the black patent ones without quilting and they run TTS for me -- I love them! Bought them when my feet were hurting in the city one day, changed into them and wore them for the rest of the day with no problem...super comfy and as mentioned, added height without having any problem walking!! Love them...
  12. I have a pair of similiar pumps and I find they run true to size. I prefer Tory's low heel pumps to her flats and wear my pumps with jeans as well as work clothes -- very comfy!!
  13. Very cute. They should go with a lot.