Opinions needed on this Gustto!

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you think of this bag? I have been searching high and low for a bag this color. I hear that the leather on Gustto bags is wonderful (better be for that price). I'm close to just snapping it up, so give me your thoughts!
  2. i never encountered gustto IRL. so i can't give opinion on the leather.

    but from the pics, it looks like they have good leathers, and i liek this bag u posted, i wish it's tad bigger :p
  3. I really like it! Will the straps go over the shoulder ok?
  4. My newest acquisition is a Gustto baca and it's leather is absolutely marvelous. So I think it's totally worth it. And that red color is lovely.
  5. Yeah, I agree - I've no IRL experience w/ Gustto, but it looks lovely. I would love it more if I was sure it would go over my shoulder! Otherwise, it looks nice and deep, with a great color!
  6. ooh, beautiful!
  7. I think it's beautiful....

    With that said, here's my 2 cents about the Gustto I purchased.... agreed the leather is wonderful, the issue I had was that the quality of the *make* of the bag did not live up to my expectations for the $$$ I paid for it.

    I was disappointed with the stitching, form, lining etc. I also, was not crazy about the color which may have swayed my opinion about it. But, honestly, I personally would hesitate to get another Gustto.

    But, you never know until you try, so I say make sure they have a great return policy and go for it. You have nothing to loose, you can always send it back.

    Enjoy and let us know how it works out. :yes:
  8. No experience IRL but love the look...
  9. i have the larger version of that and i love it. the leather is fabulous - very thick. but it does have some VERY slight imperfections that i have absolutely no problem with: slight variations in texture, etc., that are natural to the leather.

    i love that color, but personally prefer the larger size over that one...although the large is HUGE - but that's why i love it, it fits my laptop and then some.
  10. I love it!!
  11. the color is gorgeous...i'm only concerned about whether it fits over the shoulder or not, but then again, you might not want a shoulder bag!
  12. i have seen this at Nordstrom's in columbus (in brown) and it's "ok" in person. the leather is nice and it is definitely more like a tote than shoulder bag...i wasn't really impressed with it though.

    it seemed kind of bulky.
  13. The website says it "fits snugly over the shoulder." Looks like I could wear it over my shoulder.
  14. I like it but I have never seen one in person. How much do they sell for?
  15. i have a gustto baca and its the softest most amazing leather, the lining is kinda ghetto but i could care less, its durable and thats what i really need inside my bag i dont need fancy delicate lining

    the outside is amazing
    its so soft so smushy

    ive never seen their more structured bags in person but i really think they are amazing and worth the price!

    and if you like that size it will be perfect, if you want the larger try and see if the larger one comes in that color :smile: