Opinions needed on these two rose gold necklaces layered together

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  1. Please give me your honest opinions! I just purchased these two necklaces to be worn separately or layered together - I am trying to build my rose gold jewelry collection and needed a couple of everyday necklaces. I chose the mini T smile pendant and the diamonds by the yard solitaire. The stone is .26 carats.

    What do you think? Should I keep this combination or is there another combination that would look nicer? I like that the smile pendant can be worn at 16" or 18".

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!

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  2. Hmmm sorry the photos are upside down...anyone know how to rotate them?
  3. I think this combo is perfect and these pieces would look great when worn alone too.

  4. Thank you! I think I agree...I was so indecisive at the store, but now that I have them home I really love both pieces!
  5. I really like the combo! I think it has an of-the-moment look while still looking very classy. Great combo!
  6. Love them together!
  7. Looks so nice on you!! I'd totally keep both!

    E x
  8. Thank you everyone! I'm wearing them now, and am thinking I made the right choice. These were my tax refund gifts to myself :smile:. I was also debating between sizes of the DBTY...I tried the .14, .17 and .26 and I'm really glad I went with the larger stone. The bezel wasn't as thick on the larger one, which I preferred.

    The SA also offered to have my platinum 3 stone DBTY lengthened so that I can wear it at 18" with my new rose gold one, which was really nice.
  9. Absolutely beautiful! I think you should definitely keep both. I'm partial of course since both of these items are on my wish list.

    What made you decide on the mini t smile vs the regular t smile? (i cant decide which i like better).
  10. I think they looks very cute together.
  11. I think they look great together!
  12. Great choices! :tup:
  13. I chose the mini because I wanted to put more $ toward a larger DBTY pendant. I didn't even try on the regular sized one...I tried the mini first and liked it, so didn't bother trying on the regular.
  14. Thanks everyone!!!
  15. Love this look on you, and I agree with others that you can wear them separately too and they will look quite nice. Congrats, great choices!