Opinions needed on Romy 100 in Grape Mix

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  1. Hi all!
    I found a pair of JC's on Sale at Holt Renfrew in my size and purchased it on a impulse buy. It's the Romy 100 in Brocade Grape Mix (so not leather I think). For some reason, I'm in love with the print as it's so unique and so different than my normal shoes! I'm debating weather to keep it or not (I have 15 days from shipment date to decide). Does anyone have this print or any opinions on it? Do you think it's too "loud"? I wear a lot of neutral/black colours and I think it would look great with a pair of black pants but I dunno. Maybe I'm blinded by the fact that it was a great price and I managed to find my size. LOL


  2. I think these are gorgeous! I agree they’d be a great “pop” with an otherwise neutral outfit. You should definitely keep them if you think you’ll wear them. Nothing worse than staring at a pair of shoes on the shelf that don’t see the light of day! Plus JCs are the most comfy heels I own!
  3. keep them!!! those are awesome :smile::smile: