Opinions needed on Retourne/Souple Box Kelly

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  1. I am thinking of purchasing or perhaps ordering a Retourne ( souple ) Kelly in Box calf. My concern is, with the bag being non structured will it look saggy in years to come?

    With a softer leather, like clemence, or even togo you expect to see some softness ( more or less ) but with no outside stitching how would a box leather Kelly hold up? I've seen pics of lovely older Retourne Kellys, some being vintage, in box....and they are beautiful. I do not own one, so those that do would you let me know how you feel about it?

    I have not decided on size....could be a 28 or 32....possibly a 25 for an evening bag. And I'm aware that the size of the bag would have bearing on it's appearance, the larger the bag, the softer and the less structured the bag would look.

    I see beautiful Birkins in box leather....but you kind of expect a Birkin to be souple....not to sag, exactly, but be a softer bag than the Kelly style.

    Would you suggest looking for a Box Kelly in sellier instead?
  2. Sus, I have both kinds of Kelly. The sellier (which as you know will never change its shape) and retourne. The retourne in Box in IMO is also fairly strong and will hold its shape well over time. Here is a shot of two Kellys, the black one is 11 years young and the graphite 5 years. No sagging anywhere yet! Go with what appeals to you most, the sellier is always more formal looking.
  3. Susi,

    Your assessment is spot on. And you are very precise in your requirements.

    Box calf will still hold its shape even in a retourne Kelly over time. But it also depends on how well the bag has been cared for.

    I have both styles of bags and I like sellier more. 2 of my sellier Kellys are in box calf, and they are perfect in my opinion. I would not choose any other leather for a classic Kelly. It is really the best. No compromise :P

    One box calf is in 28cm and the other is 32cm. I personally think the 28cm is enough. 25cm is a tad too small to hold my belongings. I find that the 28cm is the perfect size to transcend from day to night.

    My personal preference is for my Kelly to hold its shape 100%, so I am partial to the sellier. :shame:
  4. I love both sellier and retourne in box calf. Size-wise, I'd stick to either a 28cm or 32 Cm for retourne. I prefer a 25cm Kelly to be Sellier, just for proportions-sake.
  5. Thank you, Ladies....I'm thinking that with care, then, the 28 or 32 box Kellys will work well in either sellier or retourne.....and it's just a matter of personal taste.
  6. I think so, Susi. Mine is a 32cm Retourne with a tiny bit of slouch....not much at all.....but I like this as it keeps the bag casual. If I had a 28cm, I'd want a Sellier and I would NOT want it to slouch. Chances are that eventually, I will find a 28cm Box Kelly Sellier and this I would keep for day-night and special evenings out.

    Here's mine.....and you can see just a touch of casual slouch....
  7. I have a 28 retourne black box Kelly and use it a lot. At the moment it's my everyday bag. I've only had it for a month or so so I can't say how it would hold up over the years but I think box leather is pretty stiff and will hold its shape well. (I have a togo retourne Kelly 25 and it feels a lot softer and slouchier even in the smaller size.) Retourne or sellier is really a personal preference. For me I prefer retourne because I don't like sharp corners and the bag feels nicer and easier to hold. I love the look of sellier but don't like to touch or hold it as much. I have a 32 sellier that I use a lot less for this reason.
  8. I can live with "slouchy" birkin...but my kelly has to be hard... so I hpe I am not affecting your judegement ...BUT in a kelly bag... in order of love...Box/croc/epsom! with Gold/pall/ruth.!
  9. Shopmom, your Kelly is lovely!! Yum!! And, yes, I see that she can be dressy or not, in the sellier. Thank you (!) for the picture:smile: The size I'm considering is a 28....and I'm going back and forth on whether this size is small enough to hold it's shape better over time with the souple construction.

    The SAs opinion is that with the smaller bag....it WOULD keep it's shape, better than a larger one in the souple box.

    Tamarind, you bring up a good point with the sharp corners of a sellier box Kelly. My small Kelly has these, but I don't use her daily, usually only in the evening so, it's not a problem. The edges are sharp/hard. Not necessarily a negative ....but it's a point of consideration when you purchase. And I'll be using the larger size as a daily bag, not for the occasional evening.

    I find that what I'm doing is trying to blend my desire for a box Kelly to look a certain way....with the reality of using it. I like the looks of sellier in all the sizes, but practicality says....retourne is much friendlier to use ( for me )

    Avandome, thank you.... you help me, a lot! In fact, differing opinions only reenforce in my mind that personal preference is the bottom line. And, it's very nice to see someone else who loves Gold h/w in an era that seems to prefer the white metals.
  10. isus, my vote is a 28cm retourne in black box with gold hw. Since your mini is sellier (better for the mini) go for retourne this time!

    Shopmom's is dressy enough for a fine evening out and also perfect with jeans.
  11. I agree with GT as well. I think a 28cm Retourne in Black Box w/gold would be an excellent daily bag. Casual enough because of the construction yet still chic and I can tell you, it's a great look with jeans for every day. And the 28cm in retourne will have a little more "give" when opening and getting inside the bag than the Sellier so you'll be able to hold more for daily use too......
  12. GT and Shopmom, I agree with both of you. This is exactly the bag I have, and I use it everyday with no problem (wearing jeans too). It holds a lot and is easier to get in and out of than my 32 sellier. And black box with gold hardware is so pretty.
  13. ^ tamarind - you're making me green with envy!!! I want a Kelly like that, too!!!
  14. GT......can we find you a lovely 28cm Black Box Kelly soon? Please? It's what I do best......find stuff and then enable someone else to BUY IT!!!!

    ...i'm really, really good at it.......:yes:
  15. ^^^YEA!! She is REALLY good at it, but oh so HELPFUL, too!!:yes:

    Sending you an ABUNDANCE OF H-vibes!!!! GT!!:smile: