Opinions Needed on new strap for Cerises Pochette

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  1. I just received this little bag in the mail today and she is in excellent condition (despite being mailed to me in a USPS flat rate envelope!!:wtf:). Anyway, the strap is the only thing that looks worn, it just has a lot of patina on it and I am wondering, do you think in the long run it would be more valuable if I purchase a new strap for it?

    I like to re-sell every now and then and since this was an LE item I just want to make sure I do right by her:heart:


    edited: oops, some pics of her might help!
    LV Cerises front.JPG DSC02099.JPG
  2. Don't get me wrong...I do right by ALL of my LV items :smile:.. I'm just sayin....
  3. Replace with an original strap....esp. if you plan to resell, as most people would prefer to buy an item in its original condition.