Opinions needed on Kelly - PLEASE HELP!

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  1. I am planning on a 32cm Kelly as a summer bag but want the possibility of using it for all seasons. The color I am thinking of is Etoupe. However, I need help with the leather and hardware. The leather choices are Epsom or Chevre. The hardware choices are of course PH or GH. Your opinions and photos will help greatly in my decision. So many thanks in advance!
  2. Chevre, PH is my pick. I think there might be some pics in the reference library of that combo.
  3. Another vote for chevre.
  4. Do you want your kelly sellier or retourne? Do you have a hardware color preference? Are you a more casual or formal person? What kind of winter temperatures do you have?
  5. i vote for the etoupe in chevre, but with gold HW.. I think it is a stunning combo!
  6. same- are these the only choices?
  7. chevre with PH. Saw this exact combination a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful.

  8. I am on the east coast and get all four seasons. Retourne is my preference because I would be using this bag more casually. I wear both gold and silver jewelry and does not mind it when my hardwares does not match.
  9. Seems like many of you like chevre. Can you tell me why you prefer chevre over epsom? My first inclination was Chevre but SA recommended epsom because it holds its shape really well. I have togo birkins so am looking to diversify into another leather.
  10. Chevre has such a beautiful sheen to it. It adds an extra depth to the bag. I wish I has the oportunity to order Etoupe in chevre when I placed my order for the bag...

    Epsom is a stamped leather, some people do not like it, others find it the lightest and sturdiest of the leathers.

    Its hard not to find a chevre lover...the only downside is the spine depending of the type of chevre...
  11. If you look at my avatar you'll get an idea of just how rigid epsom can be - chevre is far softer and a very different look - what made you narrow it down to these two choices?
  12. i think epsom is really beautiful although i don't own any so i don't have first hand experience. it was my understanding that epsom is weather friendly and takes colors really well.
  13. chevre!
  14. TIA Love that combo.
  15. I am ignorant with this - how do you find your avatar Roo? I originally picked Chevre because I heard so many good feedback on it. I want a casual leather not is not Togo. Clememce is too soft and floppy for me. And then SA recommended Epsom.