Opinions needed on Chloe Marcie!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am debating between getting the Marcie medium (15in x 11in) two-handled satchel (w/detachable long strap) OR the Marcie (12in x 10in) cross-body bag. Both in the tan color. :biggrin: Which one do you guys think would be a better buy? Any owners of either one? I am also concerned about the capacity of the bag - don't want it to be too small. Reviews and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch! :p
  2. I'd go for the medium. I have a large Marcie and used to have a cross-body. I got rid of the cross-body even though I Loved how it looked because it just didn't hold enough and the positioning of the zipper made it a little hard to get into. I did love the look, but it really wasn't a practical bag - room for a wallet, phone and a few other things, but hard to use, no iPad space, etc.
  3. Is the detachable strap for the medium Marcie long enough to be worn cross body?
  4. Yes, I've got the choc suede 'medium' version ( and had the 'Nut' version before that) and the detachable strap can definitely be worn cross body style. Also the medium version is deceptively spacious. There is something weird going on with the way the sizes are described on the various websites. I bought both of mine from NAP and they are both 'medium' size despite the 'Nut' version having been descibed as 'small'. I'm not sure there actually is a 'small' version of the cross body in the satchel style actually. I remember there being the same sort of confusion with the Paraty sizing too.
  5. Tagullah, I think you are right. I've never seen a "small" Marcie crossbody, only Medium. I think when they say small, they are really saying "in contrast to the large tote". It's the same as when the say small Paraty which I consider very much a medium. The only small Marcie I've ever seen is the one that is truly smaller and has no crossbody strap. And for me, that one is truly small.

    baglover, I agree with Tagullah on the Marcie medium with the crossbody strap. The wide strap crossbody looks great in the NAP pictures, but it seems smaller and the style is just a little different. Both are very nice but I like the medium w/strap a bit more.
  6. I concur with you too Gatsby :smile: ! I bought and returned a Marcie with the wide crossbody strap because the bag definitely holds at lot less than the Medium Marcie with the detachable strap that I have now (it seemed considerably smaller to me) and I found getting in and out of it very fiddly. The medium Marcie that I have now is definitely my favourite style in the Marcie family for both looks and practicality :tup:.
  7. Tag, I saw our Medium Marcie with the crossbody strap and it's such a good choice. It looks amazing on you! Such a beautiful bag!
  8. I just realized that even the so called medium marcie tote has two different sizes. Here are some pictures from NAP:

    1. The bigger medium with no detachable strap:


    Dimension: 15"W 12"H 5"D

    2. The smaller medium with detachable strap:


    Dimension: 15"W 11"H 5"D

    So I think the difference between with strap and no strap is the height. At other websites the one with straps are sometimes called 'small'. So confusing....
  9. Well, it seems that Medium Marcie w/ detachable strap is the clear winner here. :tup::yes: I was leaning more towards that one since it's more versatile and seemed to hold more stuff.

    Thanks everyone, for all your input! Tagullah, I checked your thread and medium Marcie looks absolutely gorgeous on you! :woot: Now lemme go handle my finances first before I get my hands on this baby! (Hopefully it will still be around) :p
  10. :ty:Gatsby ! The 'Nut' Marcie in my pics has now been re-homed and replaced by the same style in chocolate suede which is absolutely gorgeous :love: (I adore the contrasting handles on this style too). I'll post some pics soon on the ref thread. Don't think I've seen any of the suede variety popping up on here yet.
  11. :ty: Baglover ! Hope you get your hands on your HG asap. I find once I get fixated on a certain bag I just HAVE :rolleyes: to get it, so my closet has a constant revolving door of bags - one in, one out - hence the 'Nut' Marcie in my modelling pics having been re-homed for the chocolate suede version. I keep hoping this bag addiction might disappear, but no signs of that happening at the moment :nogood: !
  12. I hope so too, Tag! I can't stop looking at this bag! Maybe staring at it hard enough will make it magically appear in my closet? :graucho::p
  13. This was not only confusing...it's even a bit annoying...they should refrain from small versus med but just say with or without shoulder strap. That's what I think anyway :p
  14. I get fixated and insist on collecting many colours all at once but at THIS price, I just can't...I'd be dropping $10k on bags out of the blue...no can do! I'd be the ONLY person benefiting and enjoying them :graucho: not to mention tossing $ out the door :lol: