Opinions needed on Chanel Ballerina with white cap toe *Pics*

  1. I already own these beige ballerinas (bought last summer) so I know they are very comfortable.


    I didn't want to get the pink patent this year, because they were too similar to my beige flats, so I bought these instead: (Pictures are clickable.)


    The white is very white! Not a cream. My first reaction to trying them on was that it looked as if I dipped my foot into a can of white paint. For that reason, I didn't buy them... but the next time I saw them, they kind of grew on me and I thought I would try them at home.

    In some ways I really like them (I wear a lot of black) and in some ways, I find the white cap toe a bit odd.

    If you saw someone walking down the street in the middle of summer, with no stocking (they were shown on the runway with a black tight)... what would you think?
  2. ^^They remind me of bowling shoes! Sorry!! :smile: I love the beige one you have. I want the pink patent ones for my bday.
  3. I think they're really cute! Eye catching:yes:
  4. I really like them - adorable!
  5. I don't like the second pair.
  6. I think they're cute!
  7. They are darling.
  8. I prefer your first pair.:yes: Also, I would think that the white toes would get dirty and scuffed VERY quickly.
  9. On Chanel runway couture, they are showing these with black tights . . . I think they look good with the black tights.
  10. I think they are cute! :shame:
  11. Love the beige ones, not crazy about the black/white.
  12. I think they're cute but not as cute. Very different though and if I were to try them on I might fall in love.
  13. Two are pretty
    the first is more classic
    I especially love the second a good mix classic/trendy
  14. I like the first pair, but i'm not really liking the black ones. sorry.
  15. i like them but would worry about white toe, unless you know you're not hard on shoes...............do they have the CC on the sides?

    adore the first pair......