Opinions Needed on Belted Bowler Please!

  1. I am a first time poster on Jimmy Choo forum, so hi everyone! Recently, I have caught the JC bag bug (thanks largely to tPF), and I have been searching high and low for a new black bag. I just bought the bag below and want to see if any of you ladies has seen it in real life or have it. Thanks a bunch!


    Oh, and isn't it great that it is on sale? :graucho:
  2. Oh, that's the Rana! Very nice. Lucky girl...great black bag!
  3. ^ The name of the bag is the Rana, like jmcadon said. The department stores call Choo bags by all sorts of goofy names. If this is a bowler style then I'm a monkey's uncle. But hey, for a deal like that, they can call it whatever they want!

    It is a beautiful bag and you will love it. These bags are so well made and have good balance and style. Welcome meeowy (I like to say your name by making a cat meow sound, lol) to our little slice of heaven, the Choo forum. I can't wait for you to get your first Choo. Please post pictures in our new reference library in both the belted styles and the black color threads.
  4. I like how you girls know all the Choo styles so well! I am quite excited, will definitely post pics once I get it.

    Anyone has a Rana here?
  5. Welcome meeowy! You will love the Choo forum. The ladies here are very sweet and very helpful. They always go out of their way to help. I've only recently joined this forum and everyone has been great.

    Back to your bag - it's beautiful! I love that it's black and such a classic style. I think you'll love it when you receive it. Let us know when you get it.
  6. Congrats on such a great deal! It's a cute bag.
  7. what a steal, I am so jealous.
    I think that bag style is so versatile and will last from season to season, so you really scored a great bag at an awesome price! Post some pics when you get it :biggrin:
  8. meeowy - I just took a gander at the inventory we are building. There is no Rana listed. I'll put the name in the list with a zero. When you get yours, just change the "0" to a "1". I've got to remove my Riki that I returned, anyway.
  9. I've got the JC bug now too, just got a liquid patent Mahala--my 2nd Choo. The Rana is lovely and the price is fab. Congratulations. You must post pix when you receive it.
  10. Congrats! I'm still debating whether to get one or not. Plz do post pics!!! I'm curious to see how far the drop length is. I DEFINITELY am looking for a comfy shoulder bag!
  11. Welcome meeowy :flowers:
    (from the looks of your avatar, I am sure I am going to :heart: you already :girlsigh:)

    So glad you decided to take the plunge and take advantage of a Wonderful :choochoo:
    bag and what could be better than one on sale :wlae:

    We will look forward to modeling photos :yes:
  12. Thanks girls! Everyone is so sweet here. The bag is due to arrive in a few days, I just hope they don't send me an old and used one...
  13. This bag is very cute IRL. I think you will love it.
  14. GREAT BAG! :tup::tup:

    and wow, thats a great price!
  15. Congratulations. What a great buy for an awesome bag!