Opinions needed on another brief.

  1. I just received my first brief a few days ago and I am obsessed with it. Love the shape, style, hardware, everything.

    Now I am thinking of getting another brief in Marine. I am a new to balenciaga so would this color be too close to my Ocean? Advise needed. Thanks in advance.
  2. I think so. I would go with another color and start builing up some variation to what will be your growing collection. They are habit forming you know? :graucho:
  3. I loooove the Brief style! It's my 2nd fave now, after the City. I do think that the Marine, being in the same color family as Ocean would be too similar. That is, unless they have totally different hardware? If not, then maybe you can branch out into other color families?
  4. its the same giant gold hardware.
  5. Hi LV... I think you got bit by the Bal Bug!!! The marine.. is somewhat a little darker than the Ocean.. and I'm going to go with the others & say.. since you have a Ocean GGH Brief.. that it might be too close to the Marine GGH Bief. You also have a white one too right? Have you thought about trying out a different style? ;) the Day with GGH, or a city?
  6. yeah I do have the brief coming in white. and the Day GGH in white as well. I can't help it, I want more. I am thinking about the City but not sure. I have a dog carrier similar to the City shape and its just OK.
  7. I would think its too close - maybe a red???
  8. Personally I think they are different enough. Marine looks very very dark..almost black in some lighting conditions.
  9. I am still torn! what to do. I really wan this bag in a dark color. I tried to get it in plomb but no luck.
  10. They are different blues, but with both having GGH... I would choose either another color or other hardware. Welcome to the BBag craze!
  11. I say get a different color so they don't look so alike. I've seen and Ivory, Black, Vert Fonce, Tomato and Violet in SGH and they are amazing! Keep us posted!
  12. I have an ivory/white on its way. I guess I am just impulse buying. I just really love the shape of this bag.