Opinions needed on Another blueberry spy from jomashop

  1. Here are pictures of the blueberry spy I got from jomashop. I need your opinions on this bag. I think that the leather on the pocket/flap is cut crooked on one side. It kinda looks like one of the hinges is showing. I'm kinda torn about keeping the bag.
    Pros: I really like the color and it was a good price (about 60% off of the original using a code).
    Cons: I think the leather is slightly crooked on one side of the front pocket. They're out of stock, so I doubt I'll be able to exchange it.

    Do you think the leather is cut crooked? If so, is it very noticeable?

    2001482757532584840_fs.jpg 2001491502043937892_fs.jpg HPIM0240.JPG HPIM0242.JPG HPIM0243.JPG
  2. I can't authenticate but it is beauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I don't think it's noticeable except close up. It's a beautiful colour; my blueberry seems much darker than yours.
  4. If it bugs you then you need to send it back, but if it was mine I would not worry, to anyone looking at the bag they would not notice it, its only when you start studying it. It looks a stunning bag and very bubbly, plus you got it for a fantastic price.
  5. Thank you all for responding. I do beileve it is authentic. It has all the correct markings. Also, jomashop sells authentic bags, that I believe maybe discontinued colors. Speaking of color, I think it looks lighter because I used a flash when taking the picture. Also, I have to admit that when I was taking the pictures it did not look as crooked as before. I'll think it over for a bit before I make a decision.....
  6. Only because you mentioned it, I can see it is a tiny crooked. I looked around at some other pics of spys and they are not like that. I'm sure it's authentic too and if you got a great price then I guess I wouldn't worry about it. I can see your point though no matter what you spent you want it to be perfect. Is it because of the stitching?
  7. ^^ I think its the way the cut the leather on that side.
  8. Update - I went on a "field trip" to NM and bloomie's to learn about spy bags. The leather covering on the spy pocket varied. Several showed the metal underneath on one side. So, I think I'm gonna keep the bag!

    Also, NM had a navy spy. The SA said it was new. It was not as dark as the blueberry.

    Thanks, everyone for dealing with my "purse paranoia"!!
  9. Oh, I'm so glad! I was like that when I got my spy, checking all the nooks and crannys and actually thought one side looked different but it is authentic. I think because it's a bigger bag and the leather is bubbly, sometimes the seems don't seem to match on both sides? Anyway, I'm glad it worked out!